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drunk and oral

hello all and thx for ur support in advance

drinking and sex is like drinking and driving ,,, specially with unknown status people

I had unprotected oral sex with a csw and penetrative vaginal sex protected

after having some drinks together ,  probably she brushed her teeth in bathroom  before she gave me unprotected oral which last about 5 minutes before I put on the condom,

we practiced safe vaginal intercourse for about 10 minutes the condom was tight at the base and when I was about to cum I forced myself not to ejaculate , but I couldn't , so the semengoes out and when I stood up the  color was was slightly pink !!!

I didn't know if it was blood from her mouth before  I placed the condom, or it was lipstick , or even blood coming out with semen as I hurt myself while forcing not to ejaculate and In the end I ejaculated

should I get tested  for hiv ? especially if it was blood coming from her mouth during oral ?

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You had no risk
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plz can someone reply?
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Any help plz?
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