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early treatment of hiv

   I am wondering the value of getting treated for HIV infection 2 months after infection vs six months after infection?  I live in British Columbia Canada and they provide excellent treatment to those infected with HIV.

I am currently working in a foreign country and if I get tested I will be deported and wish not to arrive home for Christmas with hiv and no job - I would rather arrive home four months later with more money in the bank a place to live and then get treatment.

But I am not sure if I getting early treatment is important?  Waying that aside the depression that will set in if I must go home.  

Please provide some insight.

In conclusion,  I'd love to get tested but - there are too many factors involved I am not testing this moment.  Please help / guide.  thank you.
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You're not going to get treatment that early to begin with. Treatment will begin when your CD4's drop below 350 and your VL is highly elevated. It may take 3 years or longer to ever need treatment.
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Are you stating that you are pos -or- are thinking that you are positive and afraid of testing before your ready to deal with what you think will be a positive test? I'm also Canadian my friend -Montrea, Quebec. I'm also afraid i maybe pos from a needle stick, what happened that makes you think you have hiv? Listen to Teak, he knows his stuff really well man.
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I am afraid of testing b/c I feel I will get a positive test result.  

It is these freakin purple marks on my hands they are really weirding me out.  The other day I thought I put a purple marker on my hands but it wasn't a marker.  Then the marks disapeared.

Also have had a rash on face and neck.

I went to the foreign doc's office they said oh don't worry its blood vessels.  But I know this is not normal and I know something is up and I can't think of what else it could be.  Menangitis caused by Herpes infection?

Thank you.
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If you don't test then you won't know your status. I take it by your remarks that you job is more important than you health. You can always get another job. Which is more important?
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My health is most important.

The thing I am grappling with now, Does it really make a difference if I get tested now or in five months.  Given I won't receive any treatment if I do test positive????
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Why do you have to wait 5 months man?
I don't get it.
Go to an anonymous test site if you are afraid of immigration,
get a test for stds/hiv and then make a decision based on solid info my friend.
Chin up, your probably negative anyways.
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