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ejaculated in my mouth and swallowed it

Hello to everyone ! but I am quite worried about it. I received oral sex from other male and:

(1) He ejaculated in my mouth.
(2) I swallowed his semen.
(3) No mouth sore but I'm not sure whether there exist any small hurt in mouth, and I had decayed teeth.
(4) I drank much water after the behavior.

I wanna know whether I had HIV risk and need to get the test or PEP?
Thanks for answering.
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You were not at a risk of transmission.

Ingesting infected bodily fluid is not the right route, saliva restricts HIV transmission.

You don't need PEP or testing. There is information about oral on other websites stated as a risk, those information are outdated and from a very conservative stance.
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¡Muchas gracias ! Your answer made me feel better ~ but in case, I don’t understand why the CDC of China  proposed the oral sex can transfer the HIV...Can you tell me the CDC of India have the same situation for oral sex?
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We can't speak for other places. We will just tell you that HIV experts guide the stance of this site and it is moderated.  Oral sex does not result in HIV and there are no proven cases to date in which it transmitted this way. Since air and saliva inactivate the fragile virus, it just does not happen.  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  
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