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elisa positive

I am 31 years old and have been with my husband for 9 years FAITHFULLY!  I am now 10 weeks pregnant with our first baby.  At my 8 week check up I had bloodwork done.  Today I was called in by my doctor and was told that my Elisa test was positive and the Western blot came back inconclusive.  I went back to the lab today to be retested and they said it could be at least a week before I get any results.  My husband and I are going crazy!!  We just can't believe it considering we are such low risk people.  Is it common to get false positive results?  My husband is going to his doctor tomorrow to be tested.  If his comes back negative that is a good sign for me right?  Any feedback is appreciated.
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The ELISA test given to someone that is pregnant, usually does come back positive. Don't get to concerned over it. I can't believe whomever tested you didn't tell you that.
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I agree with Teak.  The fact that your doctors wouldn't tell you that it most likely was a false positive shows a complete lack of compassion.  HIV is a serious illness and nobody ever wants to hear they have it.  

The problem with ELISA tests is that they are highly sensitive.  When you are pregnant there are certain chemicals/hormones released into the blood that might cause a positive ELISA result.  Your WB did not come back positive so it sounds like you are in the clear.  Get your new tests results in a week but given the WB result and your low to zero risk lifestyle I truly doubt you are dealing with HIV.  
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Thank you for your comments.  Like I said we are out of our minds right now.  The doctor did not tell me that this is common for pregnant women or even that she had heard of something like this happening before.  All she said is that she was just the messenger and I would need to speak to a specialist if I had any questions.  At that time we were so stunned I just sat there crying and wondering how this could be.  My husband did go to the doctor first thing this morning for his blood work.  His doctor told him he thought it was very strange considering our lifestyle.  And that he thought it could very well be a false positive.  My husbands test results will be back in a week.  
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All the best...be strong....hopefully everything will be fine...
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Ghezzz what kind of Doc. do you have? Are you sure they have degrees? many times as Teak said an ELISA will come back POZ you can take heart about the W/B. Why don't you and your husband get in the car and go to a place and get a 20 min. Oraquick test. If he is Neg and you are what you say then you know all is well. Why wait and suffer for a week til these nutty Doc.wait for the results. I guess they need a class on sensitivity issues also.
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I called the health department today to see if they offered any other kind of testing an they said no.  I asked about a "rapid" test that I had heard about and they said they do not administer that test because it is not accurate.  I don't know where else to go.  It seems like everyone only wants to do the same test that takes a week or more.  Any suggestions?  Trust me I will do anything to get this 50 pound weight of my chest.  I feel like I can't even breathe.  I am just trying to be positive because I am so sure of our past.
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You do not need a rapid test, but you do need to relax, OK?
You test result for HIV is negative.  NEGATIVE.  
Pregnant women sometimes get reactive HIV ELISAs, but without a positive WB it is still a negative test result.  Nothing to worry about.  Your doctor will give you another test later just to be 110% sure, but that should not worry you at all.  
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My husbands test came back NEGATIVE today.
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Congrats on your husbands Negative, but this was expected. This just shows your doctors lack of experience in this area, which goes for a lot of doctors. They need to get up to date.
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Congrats on your husbands Negative
you will be

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