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exposure through pre chewed food + CDC vs Europe AIDS info

Dear All,

I read the CDC article about exposure through pre chewed food for infants. Apparently HIV mothers/fathers passed it to their infant babies through chewing food for them.
How is this possible? I understand that passing the virus while its outside of the host is impossible. Should we feel at risk by eating in restaurants and elsewhere from similar scenarios...obviously no one chews our food, but what are the odds?

How come that even though on your site all the experts claim that french kissing poses no threat, CDC claims it may while here in Europe all the AIDS fighting centers" claim it is impossible (unless huge amounts of blood in the mouths of both kissers).

FInally what isthe risk of hiv transmission through sports such as soccer?

I am sorry for the amount of questions but I find a lot of info quite confusing so I figured you could help...

All the best,

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Let us know when you become an infant.
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Dear Teak, I am sorry if I offended you or anyone with the question.
I am not a medical practicioner and am not aware of the differences in the immune systems of an infant and an adult.
I was confused as I thought that the virus could not spread outside of the host and then I read this.
Once again, my apologies for this question if its offending, I just needed more precise info if there is any out there.

Be well and all the best.

If you or anyone could answer my questions and if its not too much to ask or offensive, please do.

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I really don't understand this route of transmition.

If HIV is a fragile virus and when exposed to air and saliva it becomes INACTIVE and UNABLE to infect so it doesn't matter if the baby has an imature immune system or not.

Any thoughts?
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Should I open a new one to discuss this issue?
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It's not up for discussion on this forum.
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I checked other forums and see that you personally don't believe in this route of transmission.
Is it true Teak?
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If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you.
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I want to judge my child risk.

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Your child have unprotected sex? Because you don't have HIV  and you've never had a risk of contracting HIV.
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My child caregiver was giving some pre-chewed food to him without my permission.

Should I be concerned?
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NO. Reread your posting history print it off and seek professional mental help for you HIV phobias.
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So... why CDC confirmed 3 cases?
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