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extreme HIV anxiety after travel to Africa

I traveled to Sub-Saharan Africa several months ago and had protected sex  (several encounters) with a thirty year old man.   I was very cautious during each encounter to make sure the condom was on properly.  One time he masturbated next to me and some discharge was on my stomach.   He cleaned it up right away.

Upon returning I have had several bouts of flu-like symptoms including body aches, swollen glands in neck and fatigue.

Should I get tested?  I am sick to death with anxiety.

Thanks so much for the assistance you offer on this site.

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Hi Teak,
Thanks so much for your prompt response.  I think you are so kind to respond to so many people on this web site.  I became extremely paranoid about all of these strange symptoms - swollen glands, body aches, general malaise.  
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What are you testing for? You didn't have a risk.
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