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facing severe skin lessions. Can it be hiv?

Hello doctors, I need urgent help. I am having severe skin lessions on my whole back. They usually come as small acne and then permanently turn black and leave mark.

I had unprotected sex 9 months back and I have checked myself 6 months back for hiv( p24 test) and result was negative.
My skin has also become very dry and  getting dark. I had high fever when I tested for hiv and doctor gave me medicines to remove fever.
So is it true that the hiv result was false negative? Should I go for test again? I am freaking out as so many people are saying that hiv antibodies are detectable for sometime but not forever. If that is the case how can I conclude that I m not having hiv?  Mayb in my case the antibodies just went away with fever medicines and then I tested false negative?

Please help hiv specialist panel and doctors. Please guide me.
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You have tested conclusively negative for HIV.  Once antibodies are formed, they will always be present, and those antibodies have been shown to be detectable by 6 weeks post-event, at the very latest.  Your test at 6 months confirms that you do not have HIV.

I have no idea what is causing your symptoms, but it has nothing to do with HIV.
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