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fever after sex.. please read I'm worried sick please help!!

5 days ago I went into a massage parlor, the girl gave me body-body massage and right after that we had sex. What I'm worried about is that she used her mouth to put the condom on and immediately gave me a blow job, I can feel her teeth which really stings/hurts quite. I'm scared that the condom might have been damaged because of the pressure from her teeth.

I took a  glance at the condom and seen no obvious eye visible damage, But that still worries me because there may be very small damage that my eye cannot see at the time.

Right after she gave me a BJ, we had sex(vaginal sex) with the same condom which lasted for like 5-8 mins. I didn't ejaculate inside her in the end because by then my penis has trouble getting erect because I was already turned off a bit due to the fact that she can't handle the size (sorry I have to mention this part, I just thought of giving the most details I could to get a good response) so I took the condom off and she gave me a handjob, that's where I ejaculated, outside.

A few hours after the event, I went back home feeling a bit unwell then it became a fever a day after.It lasted for at least 3-4 days. So I am really worried sick that I might have been infected in a way. I've been thinking of getting tested but I think it's too early given now that's it has been 5 days since the sex happened.
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Protected sex is SAFE sex.
No need to worry.
Take care.
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Keep calm.
If the condom had failed you would have noticed it.
Take care
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Thank you, do you think an HIV test is necessary given my case?

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