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finger insertion while girl was on her period....

I inserted my fingers in a girl's vagina while she was on her period. My fingers were covered with her blood. I had a tiny cut (hangnail) in my middle finger. What are the chances of me catching HIV from this episode? Do I need to test?
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Also, there was some foreplay.... My penis was protected with the condom and touched her bleeding vagina (touched but not inserted). Rushed to the bathroom and the tip of the condom was covered with her blood but the condom still intact (no holes, no tearing and no leakage).
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You didn't have any risk. Surface contact with blood does not transmit HIV.  You can't touch blood and get the virus. Air inactivates it.  The only risks for HIV are unprotected vagina or anal sex (with insertion) or sharing IV drug needles.  That's it.  Fingering will never transmit HIV even with a hang nail and for your reference, condoms will always protect you during intercourse as long as the head of your penis is covered.  So, you had zero risk and have no reason to worry.  
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No risk
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