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first timers

im lost and confused so my friend gave me this site to use  here is whats going  on July 1st after a few drinks I had unprotected sex with a promiscuous friend I know dumb choice we had sex she said she was clean  but I tend to over think a thing and now I'm confused it was my first time having sex.

2 weeks later since that time I been having tingling/ little pins and needles feeling all over my body  no flu-like symptoms may be a little sore throat extra sensitive skin I have been pooping more headaches my left leg hurts at the back of the knee and my neck has felt stiff scratching all over mostly my legs.

since the 7th of august now i feel  a lymph node on the left side of my neck and one in front of my left ear and tingling/ little pins and needles feeling all over my body scratching all over mostly my legs and head but i do get it on my neck and arms and minor chest pains.

i keep looking up symptoms and thinking i have it  

Are these feelings hiv related or anxiety  related?

please help im losing sleep
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Don't rely on symptoms to diagnose hiv. They are very vague. Just get a 4th gen test at one month time. Good luck
oooh ok
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Always use a condom. but a one time unprotected sex exposure is low risk at around 1%.  Plus, this was a friend that you'd probably have heard if she had HIV.  Not an unknown person that you know nothing about. HIV is harder to get than people realize.  At 4 weeks, you can take a 4th generation Duo test to be sure you didn't get it but would expect it to be negative.
My Dr took some of my blood and sent it to the lab to get an hiv test but I don't know what test it is
You need to ask what kind of test was used when you get the results. How many days ago was the encounter? Was it oral, anal or vaginal unprotected?
Unprotected Vaginal and he said I don't know what test they send it to a lab at the hospital. but since its a well know hospital i assume it's a fourth generation
How many days ago was the encounter?
Sorry, I see it was on July 1.
You need to find what kind of test was used because no one here can do that. Perhaps you can find that out when the test results arrive. If you didn't use a 4th gen or duo then you wasted your time testing.
Do i call the hospital and ask the lab and ask what test they use?
I got the result they are
F HIV ANTIBODY See Below For Report NR
- Performed on an Abbott Architect immunoassay
- system using HIV Ag/Ab Combo Assay
That's a 4th generation test - congratulations!  You are HIV-negative.  The test is conclusive, so you can now move on from this event.
Thank you all I appreciate
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