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flu-like symptoms after 3 days of unprotected sex.

I had unprotected sex and unprotected oral with a guy after a drunken friday night. About 3 days later I had flu-like symptoms: 103 fever (1 day) sore throat,  neck pains, and lower back pains . So I went to the doctor first he thought flu, strep throat, pregnancy which were all negative and so he tested me for gonorrhea and chlamydia but not HIV and gave me medicine. I had lower abdominal pain (prior to this encounter i just finished a 3 week long period) and was prescribed tramadol for pain and woke up in crazy night sweats 1 day after my fever.

I haven't considered HIV until everything combined with the night sweats. The night sweats could be caused by all the meds im on but could I be in serconversion this early within 3-5 days?
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Of course it is too early. You should stay calm and wait until the test result...
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You should test because you had unprotected sex. Symptoms are not an indicator for transmission
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Yes i know but seroconversion, isn't that the body building up antigens and possibly why I had flu-like symptoms? I mean I do intend on getting tested but is 1 week too early for an HIV test?
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*until the right time for the test and the test result.
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ARS comes at 2-4 WEEKS...not 3 days... after infection and lasts for 1-2 weeks.
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