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for all worried wells

I think this post will help all worried wells here.I am a male had my first sex experience last year from a prostitute.I had unprotected oral and then try for prututed vaginal. It was not complete then she did HJ on me. I did not had any fear about HIV as i thought it was safe.At the 10th day i had a mild rash on chest.
After some 20-25 days i eat an ice cream and had a slight throat pain.
I forgot this incidence.But later i read about HIV and found that oral and fingering( that also i did)  carry the risk.Then i got worried and searched for symptoms.I found that my tongue is white.I can't explain the following days. I was
really in hell !.I was almost sure that I had it. I did not had courage to go for  a test.Then i did a CBC test, it was normal, then understood CBC tell nothing!.
Then i searched for other symptoms lymph nodes i found that i had a bid one in both of my groin. Then i was sure that I had HIV.Then i went to a doctor to check
my lymph node he told it is normal.After i found some palpable nodes in neck.
I was terribly tensed then.

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Then i found a good web site none other than body.com. I read almost all replay
from Dr.Bob(what a great person he is).I understood i have only a minor risk.
Then i had enough courage to go for a test.That i had after 7th  month.
Oh my god it was negative. I was so happy .That did not last for long because
i did test from private lab and that person know me also.So i thought he may
be giving me false information for my mental relief.
Then i wend to another doctor to check my neck lymph nodes he said it is normal.During this days i was always pushing all the node 20-30 times per day.
Then a tensed one more month, i read body.com regularly.After one month i again
went to another lab and tested negative.

Ok fine still my tongue was white i wend to another doctor to check it. He said
it is normal. So fine but HIV remain in mind and searched all the web sites.
Spended my money and emotional energy days-every thing.
Then one of friend told me that my skin fells hotter always !.Again tension,
went to another doctor he did all the check ups including tyroid CBC and lot more.All this days i was feared about the rash i had on the 10th day.That was like
HIV rash those i found in web sites.
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Then i read about enlarged spleen . After some days i had pain in left rib .
I was again sure that i have HIV.Went to another Dr he checked and told me that
spleen is normal but i had acidity, may be due to tension.

Then after a few days i felt very dry mouth.I thought my salivary glands are
enlarged. Then i thought problem is in my mind so went to a psychiatrist .But he did not help my much. All the time i was sure that if one have two negative
test after the window period he wont have HIV. But i took test from
private labs they may be given false result.Reason i thought was they use
to do single test.But if it is positive they have ideally do further test to
confirm.So i thought to avoid all this things they gave me false negative results.

very worried days isn't it.All this days i couldn't able to concentrate on
my work lost a large part of my savings etc etc.

Then i shown my result to aids contro society they told that it is ok,private
lab will give correct result only. But i was not satisfied after few days
i went to a govt VCTC they and explained every thing.After checking the
result she told that i dont need a test as the previous results were ok.
A few days were fine again this thing come to my mind.Finally i wend to same
VCTC and demanded a test they drawn my blood and asked my to come after 5 days.
I wont forget those 5 days in my life.Then yester day i got negative result
from the VCTC certified by 3 authorized officers.
So now I am perfectly ok.going for a vacation .From my experience i understood
what Dr.Bob says 'Symptoms means nothing Test is every thing' I may slightly
modify it "Symptom including RASH means nothing TEST is every thing.

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Congratulations exww. You severely over-reacted considering your exposure - there are STD clinic websites (eg. San Francisco city clinic) that basically say receiving oral sex is NO risk. Go and enjoy life and stay safe!
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Very good read. Thanks for sharing.
Indeed I have some symtoms similar to yours too.. swollen lymph nodes, white tongue, hot skin etc
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Hey, thanks so much I'm only 3 weeks into the window and scared as hell. I feel like I have every symptom in the world. THANKS
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