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french kiss and quick oral

hello again,

I wish this was on a better note. As you know i recieved a single suck bj and I french kissed a high risk prostitiute. Two days later i got a bad sinus infection, which i was not concerned about since it was too early to experience symptoms. However, for the past week i've had a cough, which was also nothing to worry about. But, now at 3 weeks i experienced a mild fever for two days and a rash over my upper torso. I am convinced i somehow caught HIV through that encounter. I have been researching this website and the doctors say there is a 1 in 10000 chance of getting HIV via bj, but i know the exposure was too short. Therefore i must have gotten it via the french kiss. I had a rotting tooth in the back of my mouth which i recently got filled and I "dip" skoal a lot. I am a relatively healthy college student. What i do not understand is how a bj and french kiss are different since they both solely include saliva which is non ifectious. It doesnt matter anymore thoguh. I never ever in my life experienced these symptoms. My only hope is that they represent another std but HIV is the only one i can find. Any advise during this time is apperciated.

Hopeless student
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Kissing and oral sex are not HIV transmission risks.
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Thanks teak

the fever has subsided, but when i masterbate a rash on my chest, back and face appear but then subside withing 10 minutes. I've had this horrible cough with mucus for at least two weeks. I didnt think this was worth noting because i did not think it posed a risk, but i also sucked on the csw's nipple and she said "do you like that milk", i didnt taste anything but now im freaking out since she said she had a kid and milk is known to contain HIV. You say there is no risk but the docs say there is a potential low risk. Why do you say no and the docs say yes? has there been any cases where people got HIV through my scenarios? thanks to all and sorry to be a bother.
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