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giving oral sex and having broken tooth.

I am a healthy 29 years old guy. On a night only God knows what and how everything happened, I decided to give and receive oral sex. Because I was drunk I did not think about that I had a broken tooth from a few months ago. Sometimes there is a small amount of blood coming out because of it... I've seen a dentist and I'm waiting for it to be fully treated.
I have given oral sex to a guy while making sure it did not touch the tooth. However, while in on it I felt he had precum or even semen that entered my mouth. Once I noticed it, I swallowed everything, I read that its safer than keeping it in mouth until spitting and is even recommended. idk.
The amount of semen or precum was small, and once I felt it I stopped.
What is my risk in case it did get near or touch my broken tooth, and my risk incase it did touch my throat before swallowing.
He assured me he was on prep and is negative. But since it was a stranger and we both were drunk, I do not take his words too seriously.
Please help and no judging. I went to my doctor, he started judging instead of giving advices and what to do.
Thank you in advance.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

NOTHING else you can think of would put you at risk for HIV, including the event you describe.  There is no "what if" that you can add to this event that would make it a risk for HIV.
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Thank you for responding.
I am worried that the cut inside my mouth from the broken tooth is deep enough that it it could let semen to enter the bloodstream. Thats what my family doctor said. Its worrying me too much. And its too early test since its only been two days.
Being worried about HIV does not increase the risk for HIV.  You were not at risk for HIV.
Thank you.
If giving a guy unprotected oral sex and he ejaculates accidentley, even in small amount before removing, in mouth does it put me at risk or increaese my risk? Or if swallowed?
Please re-read the only two risks for HIV that I listed above.
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