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have had sore throat for five-sex weeks now

on or about july 2, 2007 i had unprotected sex with my old girlfriend
it was the first time i seen her in over three years
to the best of my knowledge she has had only one boyfriend since then
but there might have been a chance that she went out to a club immediately after i broke up with her and had sex with someone she hardly knew but i can't say for sure

on july 14 i took two days off work for sick leave, i was experiencing mild hot flashes and didnt feel like going into work, i spent all of the 14th in bed but by the afternoon of the 15th i felt good enough to go out to the bookstore

a terrible cold seemed to be going around the office at about the same time and i caught it, i woke up in the middle of the night coughing like mad, mild coughing episodes followed, other people i worked with seem to catch it too, as well as people at the book store, as well as people at home,

i THINK in the same week, by thursday or friday i decided to go to the doctor and get a full bore of STD tests done, i THINK by the following monday or tuesday I had blood taken for a HIV test
i THINK about a week to ten days later i went back to the doctor for my results,
all negative

i inquired about whether i should take another HIV test but my doctor said no, but to wait 3 months before doing another test

while the coughing subsided over time, the mildly sore throat has not

it's August 25th and i can still feel a mildly sore throat, over the month, i vomitted on a couple of occasions and last night i caught myself in a night sweet

i never noticed any fever, either last night or before, no headache, no musle aches, nothing

i am uncircumsized

i've tried to eliminate my fears by saying that she is an unlikely candidate for HIV but the mild sore throat is wearing me out

further, she's not on talking terms with me anymore

can anybody out there tell me why i am having a sore throat,

i've also noticed a few pimples around my neck were i never used to get them before

no sign of thrush or anything like that, that is, nothing out of the normal

i can't say for sure, but maybe the first time i noticed a sore throat was shortly after the first time i kissed her

if it wasnt for this sore throat i wouldn't give it so much thought, but what really got me today was finding out that hiv infection symtoms shows up 2-4 weeks after possible exposure

is there anybody out there that can help me

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that should read:

on or about july 2, 2008 i had unprotected sex with my old girlfriend
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The only thing to really say here is test at 6 weeks then at 84 to 90 days for a conclusive result.
Lets not talk about symptoms they are never a valid indicator for an HIV infection only testing can give you that answer
Female to male carries 1 in 20000 per episode so statistics are on your side here
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that should be 2000
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"Female to male carries 1 in 2000 per episode so statistics are on your side here"

does the same apply for circumsized and uncircumsized ?

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Un-circumsized roughly doubles the risk. That means your .05% chance is now .1% chance.... still only a tenth of a percent- that is on top of the very unlikely chance your partner was infected.
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that is very encouraging however last night and the night before i had mild night sweats, and it's really brought my moral down low...

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I understand, been there - had a similar experience as you. Night sweats can mean anything - any of the multitudes of conditions that cause fever, a psychological result of anxiety, or even just covers too warm.

I know it is the hardest thing but try not to dwell on symptoms (coming from somebody who did dwell on their symptoms). They truly are really worthless as a diagnosing tool - being highly common symptoms as well as variable not too mention 50% of newly infected people don't even experience them. Besides, ARS is typically more than just one symptom and from what I gather on these forums is typically not very mild and lasts usually for a week or two, not just a night or two.

I really think your are alright and you can relax and take a deep breath. It would probably not be a bad idea to get tested - not because of your risk assessment but more so for psychological comfort. The expert forum says again and again that it is extremely rare for people with your sexual partner(s) and background to be infected with HIV.  
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I agree with mjd83, don't dwell with symptoms . I messes u up badly. There could be a lot more other things that can cause night sweats and sore throat. Drink alot of juice!!! It worked for me. Also when ever u feel depressed, anxiety stuff like that. Go outside for a run. Go to a friends house and have some fun. Go to the movies. Get out of the house, that is your enemy sometimes.
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Or just not worry you dont have hiv your test will prove that
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well i went to the doctor a couple days ago and he took a look at my nostrals and announced that i had a sinus infection in the right nostral. this kind of explained why my cold seemed to be persisting longer than two weeks. it seems the sinus infection is seeping down the back of my throat which actually feels like just what is happening. which explains why it was so mild yet always in the back of the throat, such that if i stuck out my tongue any lenght of time, i felt like throwing up.

i've since been drinking a lot of juices, especially fresh juice mixes that you get from places like Juice Booster's and the like, my sore throat is almost gone. another peice of advice was for me to bundle up in bed tonight and sweat out what is remaining of the sinus infection. even though i can stick out my tongue now all the way and i dont feel like i'm going to choke.

but i think i'll proceed ahead and see if i can get a test anyway. just to be on the safe side. while i really dont think i have anything to worry about, that additional level of comfort will help me to relax a bit more.

i'd like to thank you for pointing out that the odds are greatly in my favor that she probably has nothing in the first place, that helped a lot. it was just this annoying cold that showed up about two weeks after she left, plus the lingering sinus infection.

well, thats what the doctor said anyway...

thanks again,

- me

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feeling a bit depressed today

there's only one place in the city to get anonymous hiv testing and all i get is an answering machine, no one phones back (my doctor wont do another hiv test for another two months, the first one taken within the first three weeks came back negative)

i had cold sweats again last night, thats about four-five nights in a row, granted i was under more covers in an attempt to "sweat-out" my sinus infection

i'm drinking fruit juices regularly, it seems to help a lot, i don`t seem to gag now when i stick out my tongue... (but fellows are still sneezing in the office, indicating that the cold virus seems to be still lingering around)

i look at my situation, having about five minutes of unprotected sex once with my ex-girlfriend, who as far as i can tell only had one other partner for the last three years since i left her, and say to myself, `what am i so worried about`

the cold showing up two weeks after i slept with her, the sinus infection that lingers, now the night sweats, a little bit of jock itch, a couple of tiny pimples around my neck, having lost five pounds in the last two weeks (granted i`m working out in a gym to try and loose weight)  not to mention reading too much about it on the internet.... it`s all getting to me

has anyone been in a situation like this where they start to imagine symptoms or caught a cold afterwards like i did

i really dont think i have it but i am being tormented with `what if``

thanks for listening

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everyone here starts imagining symptoms...it's called anxiety.
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How do you say that as anxiety? Actuallly it can be But at the same time, they are scared because they had sex before....People like you have to tell them the advice
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With all due respect......I'd say that 99% of the posters that come here don't actually even HAVE a risk, yet they are convinced they have HIV...or are at risk for it.

There is NO reasoning with them.

If they would just TRY to start addressing their "symptoms" as anxiety...and seek help for THAT rather than waste time and money on HIV testing that they never needed....they would be amazed at how quickly their "symptoms" would disappear.

Plus...for those who maybe DID have a risk...."symptoms" are truly useless to consider when gauging risk.  A large majority of people who test + never had one symptom at all...and almost 100% of the people who seek help in an ER situation THINKING they are having ARS symptoms end up testing NEG.  That is overwhelming evidence that symptoms simply CANNOT be considered in these situations.

The docs in our expert forum say the SAME thing literally over and over and over till they're blue in the face...and almost EVERY poster comes back with it..."Yeah but...I'm having...*insert random symptom here*".  If people are going to come here and seek advice...then they need to be confident in that advice.

You don't see this in ANY other forum here.  You don't see this in the Headache Forum, or Dental Forum, etc etc etc etc....only here, b/c sadly people have SUCH a HUGELY overinflated idea of what actually constitutes a risk.

"Yes, dentist, but what if it is INDEED a rare and deadly tooth condition, and not pain from the root canal I had yesterday?"

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You are correct but not always. People when they dont have any kind of encounter, they are not really bothred about the headache, dental etc....But when they have some encounter, and when they have headache, dental after the encounter they are worried, Because even Internet tells about these sysmptoms, Inthatcase, people like you , lizzie and teak should really advice them with patience and not react and should not ban them from this site.
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Let me tell you something....I have allll the patience in the world, as do the other "regulars" who post here...but due to the nature of this forum...and the fragile and irrational mindset of most of the posters (not to mention the lurkers)...there are rules put in place for a reason.

It does the poster...nor ANYONE else any good to continue the back and forth after people have been told they had no risk.  All it does is fuel the anxiety.  Plus, there is already umpteen exact same posts if one would take the time to search....which most don't.

Not to mention...for every post you see, each of us is most likely getting a PM asking the exact same question...I guess figuring we would have something different to say in private?

People come here for reassurance, they should take it.  Not try to talk us out of what we are saying.  

And as far as my dental/headache example...you totally missed what I was trying to say.

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Oh, and another thing...we ALl flat out tell people NOT to search the web.....and they do it anyway.  All that does is add fuel to their anxious fire.

Another example of not really taking our advice.

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And with that..I'm done here...I apologize to the OP for hijacking your thread.....I got carried away, sorry!
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I had a very similar situation as John Doe and what caused me to go so haywire was the timing of the symptoms.... exactly 2 weeks after unprotected sex just seem way to coincidental.

It is hard to comprehend just how small the risk of infection is for most random vaginal exposures (I can't imagine what 1 in 100,000 looks like visually). The rational mind comprehends the risk is low but the presence of symptoms (even ones that aren't typically ARS associated) is very powerful psychologically toward making you think something is wrong with you. That is why I sympathize with people like John Doe and probably the only reason I personally continue to post on this forum.. to reassure such people... bottom line is I understand from experience.

John Doe: No, all your symptoms probably aren't caused by anxiety but I'd bet you they are amplified by it. You actually explain most of them - extra covers make you sweat at night, sinus infection causes runny nose and sore throat (ARS does not cause runny nose by the way... mucous pretty much can rule ARS out) and fever which makes you sweat at night. Can you get HIV from the exposure you describe? yes... I can also get hit in the face and killed by a comet sitting here typing, Socrates died from a random turtle being dropped on his head, etc.

The odds are VERY strongly against you being infected from HIV by the exposure you describe, and your symtpoms aren't even really suggestive of ARS. I've heard that if a guy like you (or me) shows up HIV positive it becomes the source of an investigation and medical case report... that's how rare it is. Relax man, breathe, ignore that sinus infection, your fine.
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all we can do is state the facts regarding transmission, risks, and testing.  we cannot and will not babysit the posters here.  as one of the doctors on the expert forum so eloquently stated..."this is not a psychological counseling service".
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thanks everyone.... sorry for sounding like a broken record...!

also, i found a place in town where i can go get tested

i`ll just have to keep my imagination in check as best i can

really appreciate your feedback though, very much actually

thanks again

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Are you sure that each one of you getting the same question in ur PM? How do you say that....PM is personal message...............LOL
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You would be surprised just how many PM's we get....

Yes, PM is a "Personal Message", and I don't get what you are trying to say?  That I'm making it up?  

I know how many *I* get....and I know that Teak and Lizzie get about 10X what I get.

I have NO problem reassuring people....but you can only answer the same question to the same person so many ways and so many times.

After that...you are just fueling their anxiety.
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well i just found out yesterday that my ex-girlfriend gets a check up every year where they do blood work and everything and with her everything is fine. also, she reiterated that she`s only been with one other man besides me in another three year steady relationship

that pretty much resolves alot of my concern but just to be *totally* sure I`m going to go get an anonymous test done at Planned Parenthood anyway. just to be on the *totally* safe side

i know that sounds pretty crazy, but i can`t recall the last time i had such an lingering sinus infection, but there again apparently they are known to hang around until dealth with properly

then again maybe it`s just me, i get a bit paranoid like that

thanks again everyone

- me
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