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hello again guys

i think my glands are swelling up because i have a lump in my throat and my ears is stuffing up and i have a discomfort feeling in my groan area
do you think it could be a viral infection or could my anxiety
please reply and let me know what you think.
could it be serious.
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hay man glad your back no risk
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we are not doctors and cannot begin to diagnose every ache and pain you have.  if you are not feeling well...see a doctor.
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what do you want to ask?look at the title of forum.go,man.
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You're probably have an upper respiratory track infection (not HIV related) and it causing your middle ear to develop another infection/Acute Otitis Media=middle ear infection, this can happen because there's a link via a tract from your pharyng to your middle ear.
About your groin discomfort, I can't tell you anything but certainly it's not HIV related too...
Just go to your GP and discuss your symptoms with him/her...

Be well

GOD Bless!
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