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help me

2 days ago I had sex with a man, we kissed each other, he helped me oral sex, 20 minutes or so, and to help me masturbation. On the second day he told me that his mouth was a little sore. I wasn't sure if he was helping me with oral sex. I have no chance of infection, or not to detect?
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Yesterday I asked in the venereal disease section, I found that is not right, it should be here, who can help me, very anxious
If he's bleeding while he's helping me, I'm in danger. I'm sure we don't have a taste of blood when we kiss, help me.
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Hope to get a reply from HIV experts, thank you
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We are all men
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Do you say the right thing? What am I to do? I asked him, he said last month, 20, he donated blood, he is the Thailand people, Thailand's monitoring does not know whether advanced, I am afraid of death
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You had NO RISK for HIV.  

HIV is transmitted by 1) having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or 2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users

Oral sex is not a risk, even if there was blood in his mouth.  Masturbation is not a risk and kissing is not a risk - EVEN WITH BLOOD.  If you always use condoms when you have penetrative sex, you will never have to worry about HIV.
thank you very mush
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I appeared lymph node swelling, pain, and symptoms of HIV infection is this, please? Thought I gave an oral sex
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I appeared lymph node swelling, pain, and symptoms of HIV infection is this, please? Thought I gave an oral sex
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I know that masturbation, kissing is no problem, but the risk of oral sex as if there is a small, so I am very worried, please help me
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first of all Oral sex is considered a low Risk activity ! it's 0,01% possibility of catching the virus! If you still afraid you may take a 4th generation HIV test at 6,8 and 10 weeks . this will detect up to 99% of the infections with a 12 week being suggested only if you wanna feel more confident !
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1.The fourth generation of HIV testing is not the time for 4 weeks in can eliminate? I want to test 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks?
2.I after half month, lymph node enlargement in bilateral jaws, pain. Excuse me, if it is caused by infection swollen lymph nodes, the pain will be?
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My swollen lymph nodes in 12 days to appear on the left side of the jaws, the pain, I took two days of antibiotics, lymph node is not painful, but it's still swollen. 15 days to appear on the right side of lymph node enlargement, and continue to take 3 days of antibiotics, the right side of the lymph nodes or swelling, pain, so I doubt is infected with HIV? Because it's 18 days, can't detect. Can you tell me if there is a lymph node enlargement experts in the field, and HIV/AIDS infections? I want to do a test?
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My apologies, it's hard to follow your posts.
CurfewX answered your concern.
Being you keep posting you apparently are not convinced of her answer.
Option 2 is get a 4th generation test at 4 weeks, an antibody test at 12 weeks and be done with your hiv concern.
Symptoms are not reliable or used to confirm hiv, only testing.
Lymph nodes can enlarge for countless reasons so we can't answer why yours have.
There are no confirmed Hiv infections from oral.
That's why CurfewX listed the actual activities that are.
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