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help please

Good day to you sir. hope everything is going will. First of all excuse me for my bad English , but I will try my level best to make the question clear enough .
Sir I’ve been through an exposure for HIV infection one month back with an Asian sex worker, actually there been no penetration at all , I only rubbed her labia for max 30 seconds and then I ejaculated . I know most of the people will say it’s negligible risk but am I believe it’s an exposure no way to sugar cover it .  the total contact was 30 seconds and the thing that made me scare is that there were some kind of wetness I don’t know if it’s from where it came but I know it was not fresh .
I went later on an I did those tests :
- Antibodies test -----3 days later on—it was negative (I know it was in vain).
- Antibodies test (eclia)-----10 days after exposure ---—it was negative (0.07).
- Hiv1-2 abs+p24 AG (CMIA)------21 days after exposure ----- non reactive (0.08 s/co).
- Hiv1-2 PCR RNA--------21 days after exposure --- not detected .

My question is do all this tests were use less ?? and some people says PCR-RNA is just wasting of many and it’s not reliable is that true?? are these tests conclusive enough?

Thanks and best regards .
Waiting for your kind response
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Did you actually have sex with her or just rub her?
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Dear Vance2335
no penetration ever happen only rubbing with my pines tip for almost 30 seconds . she just took of her clothes and i started rubbing my only concern is this to points:

-the labia was kind of wet i don't know if this wetness came from probably it was there even before i reached the place .but for sure this wetness was not fresh.and i couldn't make sure if it a cream either .

- the other thing is which need to be clarified  i went and i did these tests in DUBI in ZACK MEDICAL CENTER but unfortunately i found later on that those people(as per other people on internet) they are not that trusted they will just take your money and give you fake negative results. is there any one here know any thing about those people?

please help
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You had no risk
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Vance2335 why you are so sure a bout that .. and let us assume the worst scenario if i was really infected would it be shown in the tests that i have done?

my main concern is are those tests i did enough to catch any infection during the 21 days post exposer ??  

are they conclusive enough?
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