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please help me on this matter
i am 17 yr old (from india) and had first time any sexual activity..
the girl,infact my maid (24 yr old, unknown status) was lying on the bed (facing towards the bed) and i was on her top..
we both were in in ur innerwears...i pumped her a** from above.....(there was no direct skin contact between organs at all ).......
...(i think there is no penetration possible in this case ...i really don't know, as my first experience and if yes does that matter)
(moreover the girl was pregnant at the time of  this incidence may be by 1 or 2 month , does that matter..?or suppose she was in her periods.....considering all the worst conditions possible)
i ejaculated  within my underwares .........

does this way hiv can transfer........please comment ....does i need any test

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You were at risk of contracting HIV with your cloths on.
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That should have read you were NOT at risk of contracting HIV.
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at what time i should go for a test
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i discussed with some pro. he did not recomended any test...
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does her pregnancy or periods any role to play here ........even if we consider her +ve
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i did not got u clearly
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a little lesson here.  when a female is pregnant...she doesnt have periods!

hiv is transmitted through...

unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse (penetrative)
sharing of iv drug works
mother to child

it is not spread through "dry humping"

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thanks lizzie that means i was not at risk......
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please help on this::::
I have read about CHRONIC HIV SYMPTOMS that appears after 2-4 weeks after infection.........after 1 month i have sore throat, slight fever and some cold.(.water from nose) i think these are because of approaching
thanks for comments..
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is there a question here?
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ya lizzie ,,,,,,i want to ask that these symtopms are not related to 2-4 weeks symptoms...
please guide me on this........i'll be thankful........
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you tell me HOW these could be symptoms WHEN you did NOT have a risk!  

i'm waiting...
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thanks lizze for reply..
i think only because of anxiety and a little knowledege abt hiv,making me to think like this,,,,,,
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well...FEAR IS NOT FACT!!!!!

the FACT of the matter is...you did NOT have a risk.  i explained to you above how hiv is transmitted.  go read it again and move on.
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thanks a lot lizze for reply.......no furthur questions..........................
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bhai tere ko koi prob nahi hai.even i am from india
ur safe and fine
100% safe
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