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herpes? ars? something else?

Greetings. 2 weeks ago I had sex with a man of unknown HIV status. We used condoms, however one of them got stuck inside of my vagina, and neither of us noticed (we were both very drunk.) I'm not certain how long he had been inside of me unprotected, but he claims there was no ejaculate -- not even precum -- present when he was inside of me unprotected. I checked the contents of the condom and it appeared to be empty.

One week ago, I had oral sex with him. Unprotected. Bad mistake, yes. I went down on him for maybe 2 minutes. He didn't ejaculate this time either, but I know that I had precum in my mouth this time.

A week after the second encounter with him, I noticed 3 little blisters on the side of my mouth -- inside, on the cheek. I also feel run down, achey, my throat and eyes hurt, my nose is running. The blisters themselves do not appear to be causing me any pain or discomfort. I don't have a fever or rash or anything of that sort. My glands aren't swollen but they feel tender. I have firbromyalgia so I'm used to that -- it seems to be a constant thing for me.

It would appear as though these blisters are oral herpes? I'm still petrified about HIV, and I'm concerned that perhaps what I'm experiencing now is ARS, and not Herpes. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Am I at high risk for HIV according to the info provided? I honestly don't know a lot about the dangers of coming into contact with precum.

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if u had unprotected vaginal  sex u need to test 3 months post exposure oral sex is not a risk for hiv because saliva has many proteins and enzymes that inhibities its transfer  but its a risk for other std's such as gonorrhea ......
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