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high risk hiv exposure

i had a single event one time unprotected receptive anal sex with a transgender sex worker. she did ejaculate in me. she told me afterward she was clean and hiv free for what is worth. i immediatley went to the E.R. and recieved a precription for PEP which i started that night about 4 hours post exposure. i will take the Rx as directed and obstain for sexual activity. my questions are
1. what are my odds that i will end up with hiv. my true risk.
2. when is the soonest i can get tested to know for sure as i'm completely besides myself for being so stupid.
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Last question from me is she won't test even if you pay for it?
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Hello Stevebalt,

Kudos to you for making a good decision in taking PEP after your exposure. I would suggest you complete the PEP prescription as given by your Doctor and return to him/her after finishing it for further instructions as to when you can re-test for a confirmatory result that you did not contract the virus.

Some medical practitioners will test you 6 weeks post PEP and do a confirmatory test again at 12 weeks. However as said earlier on , please liaise as much as possible with your Doctor on this one.

I would also advice you to avoid re-exposing your self during this period by having unprotected sex or sharing IV needles as this will prolong your window period and it would make it difficult for your Doc to assess the effectiveness of your PEP medication.

Odds-PEP is very good in the prevention of the infection but not foolproof or 100% effective.

Hope you enjoy your day.

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what do you thunk the odds are?
First answer this question. Can you get her to test?
No one here is going to give you exact odds.  We can tell you that PEP is highly effective, and even without PEP, the chances of getting HIV from a one-time anal exposure with ejaculation are less than 2%.  You don't even know if he's HIV+, and most people don't have HIV.
she wont test. says shes clean. thank you for your help. considering the high risk (dumb) behavior i engaged in i will take the pep. i feel like i should do everything i can to limit my chances of getting hiv. the pep should lower my odds further down from 2%.
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Take a duo 4 weeks after you finish the PEP. Can you get her to test now, because that would give you the best answer about your risk?
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