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Hello, Dr. i had unprotected oral sex 7.5 month ago i start having symtoms 2 weeks after that.

headaches,fatigue,Nausea and bad appetite,flu like symtoms swelling testicle,lost weight,gingivitis, diarrhea, pain in bones,hives that come and go when i'm cold slow heart beat,every large green vains in hands and feets,muscle pain,eye pain

I took std test at 1.5 month after exposure everything came back negative, except herpes. than at 3 month std test after exposure everything cameback negative again except herpes, at 5 months after exposure std test cameback positive for syphilis and herpes than dr told me i need get treatment ASAP i when to another dr she did blood work first than give me 2 shot of penicillin and she told me to call her back week later i call and she told me syphilis test cameback negative and thats all she was testing and i need to fellow up with my personal dr i when to my dr 6.5 month after exposure she did std test and told me everything cameback negative except herpes she also say i;m low on blood. after the penicillin shot i start feeling better but all the symtoms are still here

now i when to a lot drs and looks like i still don;t have clear answer what is going on with me, i am trying to find the right dr and make sure i am fully treat. now what dr i need to see and what u thing is going on with me please help me and what test i need to take, and what is for. i am worry about first.hiv second.syphilis 3rd all other stds and what else i need to do thanks dr!

also my wife she have flue like symtoms all the time and she have headaches, pain in eyes. she did std test 1,3,4,5 and 6 months after exposure and all cameback negative except herpes for her please help us dr
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oral sex isn't a risk....
your symptoms are in your head.... or your just sick... and not doing your set to take care of yourself
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