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hiv 2 ?

6 weeks ago I had un protected vaginal intercourse at south Africa
I took antibody test  and its negative , I heard that the window for hiv 2 is very long

1- is the antibody that the body produce to fight the virus is the same for both type of hiv?
2- when I can get a conclusive test ?
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Window is no longer then HIV-1, 3 month antibody test.
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thanks for reply
but combo test you don't recommend?
and is the antibody the same for both ????
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Combo test is good, but you are at 6 weeks so the antigen part of the test is useless at this time.
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I mean the antibody that the body produce against the virus is one antibody for both type?
bec I made a test after 6 weeks and the result is written
hiv antibody (Aids)      negative
they dint write 1&2 antibody?
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I am very scared about hiv2 as its the most common in south africa
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no it isn't. hiv-1 is much more prevalent by far. hiv-2 is rare, even in west Africa where it is most often seen.
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by the way hiv 2 in Africa is more than that in usa & Europe
and the sw her language was French so I think that she isnot from south Africa and from a country where hiv2 is the more common
is the antibody that the body produce is one antibody for both hiv1 &hiv2?
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it is not important anyway as hiv tests detect both hiv-1 and hiv-2. i should know, i have been tested several times.
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