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hiv and mouth ulcer

hey doctor,
im 23 years old gay,recently im going through difficult period of depression and insomnia due to my last sexual intercourse.
i had safe sex with a couple ,also the oral sex was safe,but we kissed and i had mouth ulcer on my mucosal surface of the lower lip.since the meeting last week im so stressed of being infected ,i talked to the couple about my concern ,they said the didnt have any ulcer and both are negative.
two days ago i got a cold which stressed me more.
till the 3 months will pass to get tested im feeling i will get crazy,i read many about kissing an hiv and saw different answers ,am i at risk of HIV from the mouth ulcer that i had ?

thanks in advance
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forgot to mention that one guy had unprotected oral sex with his bf before we kissed.
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Your exposure to HIV never existed
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