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hiv and stapler pin

can i get hiv from getting poked by a stapler pin immediately say about 30 seconds after my colleague who is recently diagnosed with hiv?
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Only uneducated people fear it. Pins, lancets, rose thorns or broken glass does not transmit HIV.
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My colleague is recently diagnosed  with hiv virus and is not on any treatment so his viral load might be very high and the worst i got poked seconds after he poked himself in office today.
i hope his viral load doesn't change anything.

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Doesn't matter how high his viral load is, you never had an exposure.
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is it possible if you can explain me the scientific reason behind hiv not transmitting this way?
Is it not enough blood on pin tip?
I mean there is a blood to blood contact immediately without drying of blood through pin and that is considered a risk according to cdc ?
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It has to be a hollowcore needle injected in to a vein to even be risk.
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hollowcore needle injected in vein thats correct even i know thats a risk.

but what about solid bore and if solid bore is not a risk then why is sharing  a lancet considered a risk?
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No risk.

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whats this suppose to mean ?
i am just asking a question and anybody has right to post a question here.
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No after you were explained that you didn't have a risk and then you come back an say you knew that HIV is transmitted by hollowcore needles then there is no reason for you to continue.
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I just asked if there is any scientific reason behind solid bore needles or stapler pins not transmitting hiv?

thats all my question is to u and everybody?
as its hiv and everybody fears it...\
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I am sure thats a great relief for a lot of people around and thanks for the knowledge  brother.
i am not asking for reassurance as u already answered my question but a lot of uneducated doctors confuse people like me by giving wrong or outdated information leading to anxiety fear and worst with some people oct.
Just wanted to ask you Teak that are u a doctor?
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