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hiv concern

I gave oral and received protected anal sex (with condom) with a TVTS professional sex provider last Thursday.  Later that day I became queasy and went to bed with a head ache. On Friday I was ok but not one hundred percent.  Then
yesterday I came down with a fever and cold sweats.  Today the fever is gone but the sweats are still here and my body is weak.  My anxiety is through the roof thinking that I some how contracted HIV so that could explain some of my symptoms.  

This was a first and last time thing for me.  Curiosity (and stupidity) got the best of me.  Now that I did this high risk activity I regret it and worry.

Thank you
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You never had a risk from the activities you describe and ARS symptoms would not appear that quickly.
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Thank you joggen.  I left out that the provider would use saliva to help lubricate.  I cant remember if this was done to my anus or while I was being masturbated.  Does that add any level of exposure?
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No, saliva is not infectious as far as HIV is concerned.
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Thank you for your help.  I will go back to sleep now.
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I had a similar experiences. Relax dude.
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I wanted to thank Teak, Joggen, LIZZIE LOU, and nursegirl6572.  I thought I really screwed up.  I was nervous about having that encounter and felt funny about after wards anyway.  Then when I started to feel sick with a fever I thought for sure I was in trouble.  I just read a lot of your posts (Nursegirl your journal was awesome).  And It put my mind at ease.  I will still get tested   (why not?)  but I will sleep better while I wait.  Thank you all for your support here in this community. I can not tell you how much finding this site has helped and what a wonderful thing it is that you all are doing for perfect strangers..

Thank you
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