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hiv duo reliability

ok so here is my last question . how does hiv duo test work ? let's assume i been infected 2 months ago , will p24 remain in my blood ? Will antibodies be detectable by that time ? i took two hiv duo tests one at 30 day after last exposure and one at 47 day  after last exposure ? What if virus entered my body earlier ? i am just confused about what am i reading in the internet . i want to accept that i am hiv negative by this time with two hiv duo tests but then i keep reading 3 months  3 months  3 months !!! if i did a 4 th generation test do i need 3 months antibody ???
Thank you if you answer .
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A test at 30 days would've probably picked up antigens. Your 47 day test would've just stood as a stand alone antibody test.
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james thank you for answering me but you still did not answer my question . if p24 is there a duo would have find it but what if i have been infected earlier and p24 is not anymore in my blood . will i have antibodies enough to detect if i am hiv positive ? P24 goes away when antibodies start to appear i have read to a forum . If i would have been infected with hiv will this test show positive during this time ? do i need any more testings ?
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what am i trying to say is that , is there any chance that i could be infected before my final intercourse and the hiv duo tests i took weren't able to find out ? so much info over internet so less info from my doctors . Can p24 go away before antibodies are detectable is my question? or antibodies make p24 go away .
Also my results 0.20  and 0.24  they don't make any change right ?
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At 28 days the antigen is at it's peak and from there the antigen drops and the anitbody production ramps up. So while there is a chance that you would fall where neither test would pick it up it would be very small chance and any test after 6 weeks would pick up the antibodies.
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thank you for the reply . ac anti-hiv duo eclia serum plasa is fourth generation test  ? is it ?
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thank you thank you i just wanted to be 100 % sure . ^^
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and yes it's me again . i never had this fear of hiv i do not want it but i do not know how to stop it trust me .
All i want to know is if can i live free of hiv worries .
Since my final intercourse was on 13 of june then 13 of july hiv duo test  would have pick up p24 if i would have been infected then
Since my pre-last exposure was on 25 of may almost 3 weeks before my last one and my final test was almost 7 after my last expousure this means that i would have been having 9 - 10 weeks hiv duo test . negative both
Can i give my mind a rest waiting 13 of september with this stress and anxiety is killing me
how reliable is hiv duo test by this time ? And i am so so sorry to ask you again . Best wishes
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