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hiv duo test accuracy

dear doctor,
i have been married for only one year and my husband and i have experienced all kinds of problems and 3 months ago we got separated, meanwhile i met an older married man with three children and got very attracted to him possibly because of the care he showed me and because he said he loved me, i saw him in every possible occasion i had and we hugged and french kissed..about one month ago my relation with my husband started getting much better and i figured out i was still in love with him, the problem is now that i am afraid that my relation with the older man could have exposed me to hiv,today and after about 25 days of my last contact(french kiss) with that man i went for an hiv duo test that came back negative..
i am afraid i still can have got hiv from my relation with him and most of all i am afraid that i might have exposed my husband to danger since during the period in which i was seeing the man i had sex with my husband.
what should i do?was the hiv duo test totally accurate? do i need to repeat it?could i have exposed my husband to any kind of danger?can i still have sx with my husband?
i will be very grateful to receive your answer.
thank you
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Kissing is NOT and NEVER will be a transmission vector for HIV infection. Because of that you were never at risk of HIV infection and you never needed to test for HIV.

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thank u, so in ur opinion can i have normal sex with my husband without exposing him to hiv?
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HIV will die directly when it contracts with silve , which contains the aggresive proteins that disable HIV ability to infection

I suggest you get 3 month conclusive test to releaf your self and know ur status ,, I know that you are HIV Negative but having a test will really make you forget what happen
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Unless you are offering to pay for the test don't advise people to test that didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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please teak advise me can i still have normal sex with my husband?
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You were told kissing is not a risk...move on.
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how do i kill the worries that are in me...
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see a therapist
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and have normal sex with my husband?
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please guys answer me
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You have been answered, move on or you will be reported.
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i wa just wondering that if i rub my body against another man's body in a way that our genital area come across, but the man is fully dressed and he didn't cum is there a chance that pre cum leaks through his clothes and gets into my body exposing me to hiv risk?
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* Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusive negative results or a no-risk situation will be based up the criteria MedHelp’s doctors. Action will be taken as follows:
    * After excessive posting, a warning will be issued by MedHelp
    * Continuing to post regarding the negative result / no risk situation will result in a 3 day suspension
    * Continuing to post upon your return will result in a permanent ban.
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you could have just said there was no risk without having to philosophise, i was just asking about something that was getting me worried and had noone else to ask but you so you really didn't need to reply in such an agressive way
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testing would be the best choice if this guy keep questioning himself and runing his life that " do I have HIV " ?

As I know , if someone think that HE was in risk or might have HIV he should seek a doctor asap to get tested.
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Hi alana, Teak is not being rude or aggressive. if you are so concerned you need to educate your self about how HIV is transmited before asking such irrational questions.
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guess what teak i have already tested
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In this forum, EDUCATION, not testing, is the preferred method of addressing doubts and reducing anxieties over no risk situations. If you can't offer anything that educates forum users, then please do not advise others in this forum.
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thank you so much, so you think the case i mentioned is no risk at all?
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No risk at all, as everybody else has told you. Please move on.
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