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hiv fear after 4 yearss

I want to tell you my story shortly..I had a razor blade cut 4 years ago in my military service.I had my cuts nearly after 2-3 minutes that the person had his shave.(sorry because of my english) and ı scared because of reading that this can be a way to have hiv (by razor blade). and then after 64 days ı had my hiv test and got negative....In 4 years ı had my all sex experiences (except only 1 minute) with condom (protectable). And in these days I have herpes zoster (shingles) .It's not so hard only in 3 places of my body and my dermatolog said I 'm having it powerless.Only there is rash and they are max 1 cm diameter.

I want to ask 3 questions ;

1.How long hiv viruse live outside body.Because of my razor blade cut.Can ı get it after his razor cut in 2-3 minutes?
2.Is my 64 days hiv test reliable?%90?%95?%99?
3.And my shingles will be a sign of AIDS? In AIDS, how will the person exist shingles? More hard?More bigger areas of body? And must have the other AIDS symptoms while existing shingles? Or can shingles be the first sign of AIDS?Because of decline of immune system.

I will be happy if you answer my questiones.
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1. NO
2. A conclusive test had one had a risk is 3 months post exposure
3. Singles is not HIV/AIDS specific.
You could test now and obtain your conclusive result.
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Oh teak I know that's the best way :) But in 4 years I had a fear of hiv test.I can't find the courage to go test. In your opinion I need a test again? Or in this situation (razor blade cut after 2-3 minutes, 64 days negative hiv test, only shingles after 4 years without other signs of AIDS). I only want to learn how long hiv lives out of body and how much reliable my hiv test 64 days after the event . And information about shingles/AIDS relation.
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And I think if I'll go to test , I don't believe the test result. I will think may be it's a wrong result may be the laboratory assistant made a false...Can oyu understand? I think in 4 years I lost my decision power...
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