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hiv fear

Hey guys, low risk exposure of performing oral sex on male of unknown status, no ejaculation not sure about pre-*** already posted to dr said if i had hiv it was not from this but i can't help but feel my symptoms say otherwise.
8 days later sinus infection that went away after medication, then 12 days after contact ate calamari, a couple hours later severe abdominal pain followed by throwing up and then during the night diarrhea and more nausea and vomiting.  That night had severe chills and sweating felt like I was burning up.  Nurse said low-grade fever and probably a virus of some sort. I stopped throwing up and having diarrhea after a 24 hour period but just felt completely wiped out.  No rash or joint pain.  About 18 days after contact still not feeling 100% so went to home doctor.  He said my glands were swollen. routine blood work everything normal.  Soon after I developed a small rash around the chin area on my face.  It was a few small bumps entire area no bigger than a quarter.  Felt like a dry patch on skin, I applied petroleum jelly and it faded away.  It actually returned a few weeks later and again faded away after applying lots of moisture.  Three months later episodes of headaches with no apparent cause.  Now at 1.5 years later have been suffering bouts of loose stools on and off over the past 3 months, also dry mouth on and off.  I have been diagnosed as having one swollen lymph gland on back of neck, others were fine.  Itchy skin in the mouth and nose area and all over my hands.  Ulcers inside mouth, tongue kind of burning, anyone advice please please
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get tested. it is the best way to know your hiv status. most likely it will be negative ..that will ease your mind
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I plan on getting tested when I am home for the holidays, but until then I am going crazy...has anyone else had such accurate symptoms but actually been negative?  Is there hope?!  I can't help but feel like I am the one unlucky person who would have gotten this disease through such a brief low-risk encounter.
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Everyone on here who has freaked irrationaly over hiv has had *accurate* symptoms, yet winde up being negative.  Never EVER rely on symptoms to tell you whether or not you are hiv positive.  See a doctor, get a test.  I know you are traveling so if you can't get an hiv test now, at least get some valium or something until you find out your negative.
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Thank you, it is good to know that i'm not the only one with irrational fears.  that also gives me hope that possibly i really am negative and i have just built this up in my mind.  i will be able to test in couple of weeks but yes i agree a valium is prob necessary in my future...thanks for your comment
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Those of you who frequent this form, have you ever seen anyone concerned that they contracted HIV orally who ends up actually testing positive?  I'm interested to see, being in a bit of the same boat... because it seems like there are TONS of us worried about oral transmission, and if others are like me, we just keep on worrying and worrying...
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I have searched numerous forums and it does not seem like anyone actually does turn positive, but any symptom I develop turns into an extra worry, it's been 1.5 years but my tongue is now burning on and off and a white coating is on it as well, not sure if this is a side effect of antibiotics I recently finished.
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xhost gave you excellent advice as always. I hope you will follow it.
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Thank you so much for that comment, it really did make me breathe a sigh of relief.  You're right, the more I read posts from both peers and the Dr. I am further reassured.  You are very correct in saying symptom searching can mess with your head, because I know I had no fears about this until I found the "typical ARS" symptoms and became convinced that was what I had.  Low and behold my mouth has become extra dry and thirst increased most likely due to all of the anxiety I am facing right now!  I keep trying to realize that my symptoms may very well have just been that of food poisoning or any other number of illnesses and it does not mean hiv period.  Thanks again!
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Hey None,

Going through the stress and worry of waiting for an HIV test has got to be one of the most mentally and emotionally taxing things that any of us can go through. I won't rank it in terms of losing a loved one, or anything else along those lines, but it's still a tough, tough thing to do.

Even for those like me, or you, who were at a fairly low risk of contracting anything, well, the stress can still be very difficult to deal with. Sure, we can try to be rational, come to the realization that the odds are so low as to be non-existent, but still, there's the emotional component of it all: guilt, fear, worry - and that's hard to deal with. It tends to overwhelm the rational part of our brains (well, at least it did mine).

Having said all of this, try to keep in mind the fact that oral sex as a means of HIV transmission, especially given the circumstances that you describe, really never happens. Numerous studies have been done involving couples where one is HIV positive and one is negative. The couples use protection for anal or vaginal intercourse, but none for oral sex. The result: not one of the negative partners has tested positive for HIV. Not a single one. And, of course, the doctor here says that the risk is almost purely theoretical: he's not aware of any documented case where it has happened.

So, just some more facts with which to arm your rational self. Keep them in mind, and also, if you haven't, read through the forums here and see what else the doc has to say on the subject. You will find it reassuring, to say the least.

Until you can take your test and get your negative result, try to stay off the Internet looking for symptoms. It will only screw with your head, believe me. Once I figured out I was HIV negative, and believed it, all of my "accurate" symptoms went away, almost instantly. If you find yourself really bugging out, come hang out here - that's the purpose of this forum, to help people sweating it out. People just like you.

Take care of yourself, and good luck, though you don't need it. Everyone here is willing to help you deal, so keep that in mind.
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"1.5 years but my tongue is now burning on and off and a white coating is on it as well, not sure if this is a side effect of antibiotics I recently finished."

Thrush due to antibiotics. See a doc, tell him you think you have thrush, describe whats happening.
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This is the best site I have found about HIV.
I have worried myself sick for years, especially after visiting other HIV related websites that give statistics and symptoms. At least this one states real facts from real people.
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Need ur expert feedback..please
I came to USA 6-7 months back from india..and i was put
up in motels..i had called a SW ...she was black..though
her pic on internet was of a white person..a fake.

Anyways it goes like this : She was tall 5 9"..im 5 7"..
initially i put on a condom..and she gave hand-job.
then..since i was nervous..my ***** didnt get hard.
next i  put my underwear on ..and i kissed her nipples,
with mouth closed..throughout ..note: i had a mouth sores..
then ..she lay on her back and i kissed her back and ejaculated
using my underwear..the semen  was in the condom ..by rubbing my ***** on her ***.
Please note :There was no blood, and no interaction with semen or vagina fluids or mouth to mouth or anal sex or *******..whatsoever...100% sure.

I know that session was for 30 min as i paid her only for 30min time
and asked her to leave.
Now i left the motel..and went to another motel and after a week..i had 3-4 days of flu symtoms,
diarhieaa,small pimples on face(chin,forehead), dehydration, headache,vommit,sweating,strange tingling in legs,cramps. i took Anti-histamines..and it caused de-hydration..fainting feeling while at work.

I also had frozen food.(Lean Cusine--stuff).in micromave..and ate some mexican burritos (not packaged) and hot-peas..and frozen food cooked (microwave)
My Question is : Was it as case of food poisioning as symptoms are nearly similar..Do i need to test..its approx 5 months back.

I felt alright now..and very fit..no health issues..no weight loss or sweats or loss of appetite.. but..i have been having..skin problems..like pimples on my chin with pus sometimes, and forehead
Is it due to stress /acne ??..i have been applying cortasoid creams and it recovers ..but comes back..
Can drinking water cause..pimples..as i see tap-water here is very milky not clear sometimes..

Im very scared..im a indian and if i have hiv..i know i will commit
suicide immediately..im scared to test..im unmarried age 36..
Im dreading to do a test..as i still very nervous. kindly reply me..
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