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hiv panic...again..

Hi....so im still freaking out about the whole hiv thing....i again got my nails done and they cut me with the file i dont understand how it is not a risk if the person before me had hiv and the blood got into my cut how is it no risk?i got a cold 4 weeks after and thats what made me paranoye again....ive had a sore throat since then could it be just from the cold weather? Plusse i have a spot on my soft palate (redish purple) its been over 2 weeks now....and also ive had 4 hiv test done in 3 years there were from a tattoo exposure can i say the one after a year is conclusive?
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Why  does everyone assume that the person in the nail bar or barbers before them had HIV, it ain't that common and people with HIV generally take more precautions than most.

Your test was cocnlsuive from six weeks if an older test, four weeks if more fern, you do not have HIV and certainly require no further testing.

HIV is spread one of three ways, certainly never in a million years from what you describe.

Best Wishes

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I had one done 3,6,12 months after....but to get back to the nail salon....it could happen that someone before me did have it....and if there was blood involved...i also read in an article that a nurse got a needle stick injury from someone who was at final stage of aids and only tested positive after 6 months her other tests were neg...
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I read that article three years ago, again, unproven...

You did not read my comment fully buddy, no one ever catches HIV from what you describe, you have tested way beyond any logical or required testing period and have proved, without a doubt, that you are HUV negative.

Stop looking at the web for issues, there is not a HIV Dr I know that would have restated you after three months, let alone twelve.
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I understand but after the whole getting nails done i have not gotten tested.....and why would a girl say that its her life story i dont think she would make it up....im studying in health care thats why they made us read this article
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Do you know the three ways that you can contract HIV ?
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Yes iv drug user... sexual intercourse....and mother to child......but its a blood borne pathogen and can be transfered by blood to blood contact....
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