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hiv positive

Nowbody has the knowlege, even the doctors.
I just want to:

1. Can hiv positive men can make pregent to women who is negitive.

2. Can hiv damage hormone of women or men.

3. Some women used to be pregent with hiv positive, is it that pregent made when he was negitive. On pregency women might slept with positive men, so she pregent with hiv positive - is it right
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Not sure what you're asking.  Once a person is HIV+, they will always be positive.  A positive person who has unprotected intercourse with ANYONE, pregnant or not...can infect that person.

Having unprotected sex with a positive person is always a risk, but will not DEFINITELY result in that person getting infected.

Does that help?
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Thanks, but actually I need to know the below:

1. Can hiv positive man pregent women.

2. Can hiv virus damage hormones, unable to become pregent
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1. Of course.
2. No.
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Thanks teak and nursegirl.

I heard that, hiv virus make hormone imbalance in the body.
It also shows more symptoms to hiv women who is pregent like fever etc.
Symptoms also shows when yellow fever vaccine is give, hiv positive women reacts to the vacination is it true.
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