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hiv positive

i engaged in naked frottage i was completely naked and nude with prostitute i came on top of her she was wearing her panty only she gave me handjob and i rub my penis without condom on her whole body but no penetration for 40minutes and she rub my penis for 20minutes and she touch my buttocks and put finger in my *** but no sexual intercourse vaginal or oral i touch her boobs and i ejaculated on her body but no sexual intercourse now after 5 weeks i am having mouth ulcer and loss of appetite and night sweating i am worried she put lotion on my penis also i am having diarrhea and rashes and sweating tell me hiv pcr test after 7 days exposure is accurate an reliable please tell me my hiv risk what to do i rub my penis on her naked body hiv pcr rna test is reliable after 7 days exposure or i need to be tested for hiv fourth generation test
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I dont think you had a hiv risk. Anyway for your peace of mind i recommend a 4th gen hiv ag/ab test which will give conclusive result by now.
Your symptoms can be of some other flu or STI or from just anxiety.
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sir i am worried if i  tested positive then sir tell me hiv pcr test after 7 days of exposure is reliable and accurate sir i was not wearing condom and i was completely naked and nude but no sexual intercourse she gave me handjob and rub my penis with her hands tell me hiv risk she pution massage lotion also on my penis sir i rub my penis on her naked body but no penetration and no blowjob sir u think i am infected with hiv virus sir i tested for hiv pcr test rna after 7 days and came back positive
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As u passed 5 weeks PCR test is a waste of money as it is too expensive and even give false positive sometimes. That is why i recommend Hiv ag/ab test
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PCR is not a reliable test
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Yoou didnt have unprotected anal penetration. So your risk is near to zero
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risk near to zero but tell me there is some risk involved i am having mouth ulcer also and tell me i am infected with hiv virus i want to committ suicide please help me tell me without penetration hiv is possible hiv transmission sir please tell me i was completely naked and nude but no sexual intercourse tell me handjob without condom is risky
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HIV is not that easy virus to catch. If so everyone who had sex in this world will be living with HIV. You are feeling guilty that is why you feel that you will be infected.

Loss of appetite is very very common with those with high anxiety. Even mouth ulcers and night sweats are reported as anxiety symptoms. I again repeat HIV cant be judged by symptoms. Because there is more than 30 other viral iinfections that can be transmited quicker from sex.
Go and take a hiv test and come back. I am confident you are negative. That is the only way to feel stress free.
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Pray and rely on God as he is the most merciful as your religion states. Pray to God and he will forgive you. Feel guilt free and be happy. You are normal ok.
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