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hiv positive partener

Hi, I have always been paranoid about hiv,that is a fact,but now I am slightly concerned again as a male friend of mine who I have slept with is positive..i found out this yesterday...now i slept with him three times, everytime we used a condom and i believe there was no break etc.. am i totally safe or should i be scared now?  sorry but need to know exactly how safe condoms are against preventing infection
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You are safe because you used protection which did not fail. Condome failure is very obvious and can not go un noticed.

Correct use of condom protects us from HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases by providing total protection.

You should not have any reason to worry about.

However in my personal opinion, your partner should have told you up front about his status, feeling his moral responsibility.
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thanks for your quick response, i feel much better.you are quite right I should have been informed before.take care
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