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hiv positive?

Hi guys. Seven and a half weeks ago i had protected vaginal sex with a high risk prostitute. The condom did not break. Two days later i got a really bad sinus infection and swollen glands in the neck for a couple of weeks. I told my doc what happened and he put me on antibiotics. Now, seven weeks later, the symptoms i have now are extreme fatigue in the morning and my eyes are blood shot and watery and my vision is slightly blurry. I also have what looks like thrush around the outside of my mouth. Yesterday i realized i had some small lesions on the inside left cheeks that appear to have scabbed over. I also have 8 pinhead sized red dots on my hands that appears to be blood bleeding into the skin that have been there over a month but have remained the same size. I also have what looks to be folliculitis on my buttocks and dry skin on my knees. The most concerning is the strange bowel sound coming from my lower intestines. These growling sounds are not coming from my stomach but from what feels like my intestines even after i eat, but no diarrhea. I had no severe symptoms within the 2 to six week window period other than the slightly swollen neck glands from my sinus infection. The past couple of days i have been pretty depressed and have lost my appetite and feel sick often. These symptoms sound more like advanced hiv infection so is it possible that i have it and it progressed to advanced hiv infection this quickly? I know i had protected sex but im concerned that some of her fluids seaped back to my anus when i was laying down and entered my anus and infected me that way. the reason i think this is because of the strange bowel sounds coming from my lower intestines. I got tested at a week and a half and all stds came back negative, but i know i have to wait to get the hiv test. What are the chances the i was infected by her fluids through my anus and what disease could my symptoms be from? Thanks to all, you guys have been very helpful thus far.
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Symptoms not related to HIV. You did not have a risk with the use of a condom. See a Dr for your symptoms.
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thanks for the response. the reason i'm concerned is because hiv can cause skin problems and bowel problems because of a weakened immune system. Are skin problems generally symptoms of a later stage of hiv infection?
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You had no risk, stop thinking about HIV.
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