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hiv rash on hand

I developed some small red spots on the back of my right hand. They are around 20 in numbers scattered randomly. I do not have these spots anywhere else on my body. I am scared of them being hiv rash. Please reply

These pics were taken 2 days after I noticed them. They are fading now and already started to fade the day i took picture.

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Here is one more pic

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An HIV rash would never behave like this. ARS isn't the cause. See a doctor if you remain concerned.
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HogwardH. Can u pls see the pic and then comment. I am very concerned.
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Pareshaan (as it translates worried), you should have no reason to worry about HIV. First, your 90+ days test comes back negative, second, such rashes alone are not valid indication of HIV infection, and third, HIV related symptoms do not appear that late... typical time for such symptoms is between 2 to 4 weeks of exposure and the symptoms always come in a package.

Having said that, symptoms do not mean much because HIV related symptoms are similar to those, sue to other illnesses / infections, and also, many actually infected persons remain 100% asymptomatic, therefore symptoms are almost always misleading.

Trust your test report and move on with your life normally. Consult a physician for your complaints, certainly not due to HIV
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Thanks for reply. I havent yet tested for 90+ days. I had thought of not testing again after my test on 37 days but fevers, rashes and sore throats get better off me everytime. Even my last test on 80 days was preponed(planned for 90 days) because of high anxiety.

Now my real concern is that i will be getting married in two months time and i dont want to ruin life of my fiancee because of my mistake. This thought is killing me like hell.
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Rely on your test report,, 12 weeks (84 days) test is said to be conclusive for all HIV antibody tests, and 4 days here or there do not make any difference. You do not have HIV
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Just get tested. You can count on a negative result, then you can stop worrying. In any case, it is pointless to speculate when a conclusive answer is so easily available -- so let's not have any further discussion until then. OK?
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I will try not to worry any more and rely on my results
Also i have option of test to calm myself whenever my anxiety reaches threshold. I hope it ends soon.
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Finally tested negative again by hiv duo ultra. Interestingly the result had the same index values 0.01 for p24 and 0.04 for antibodies as they were in the last test. I had heard that these values fluctuate. Any comments?
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No comment. The test is negative; don't overthink it! All is well.
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