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hiv rash symptom

Hi all,

I had exposure 4 weeks ago (masturbation but, wet vaginal fluid from her hand contacted my penis head). Now, I experience rash on my upper hand, and few on chest. Also, I have few dark spots (on hair root) around genital area . No fever and no sore throat, no swollen lymph nodes. I had a hiv combo 20 min rapid test just on the same day (28 days after exposure) when these rash symptoms appeared and tested negative. My questions that would relieve me are:

1. do rash only can be a symptom of hiv primay infection?

2. Does testing just after experiencing symptoms would be accurate or do we need to wait for antibodies to develop or the antibodies would have developed sufficiently when the symptoms are appearing?

3. Does the rash (red color small patches with no bumps on hand) relate to any other STI, if not HIV?

4. Does the dark spots ( few small little bump on hair follicle around genital area) indicate hiv or any other STI infection)?

5. Does the littlle vaginal fluid from her hand would be a reason for hiv transmission, in general?

Thanks a lot for all. Any replies would be deeply appreciated
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2. Test has nothing to do with your symptoms. An HIV Duo fourth generation test is conclusive after 4 weeks
3. Not necessarily
4. No
5. No

You were never exposed to HIV risk from the situation you described.
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Thanks a lot for your relieving answer  If I may kindly ask, why can't the fresh vaginal fluid from her and touching my penis is not a risk?

And, the rash that came on my hand has gone (after two days of its appearance). But, now I have got few more new red rashes in my chest.  That worries me a lot.

Thanks again.
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