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hiv rash

I had an unprotected encounter 7 weeks ago when my condom broke inside a sex worker. 3 weeks later, i start to feel my fingers and feet inching and then i got rash on my back, chest, stomack biscepts and legs. They are itchy and uncofortable. I went to the doctor he gave me Bendryl but that didn't help me. I have no fever, diarrea but had a brief nosea. Could this be Possible ARS because i'm really scared now becuase it took this long for the rash to stop itching. Thanks for you response
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No, ARS you would get all not just some.
You can test now for a good indication...95%+ and at 3 months for 100%.
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Good, that makes me feel a bit relieved but i have to get the testing done to clear my mind out of this...Thanks Vance2335
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ARS rashes DON'T itch.
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Thanks a lot Teak for that info. Your posts are impressive. keep the good work. I'll get tested soon.
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