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hiv rash?

Im finding it impossible to get any information on hiv rash...i,m week 7 after exposure and just as im coming to terms with the no risk scenario i develope a rash(like a heat rash,not raised but redness from capilaries under the skin that itches). i have it on sides of neck,across top of chest and on lower arms...its there for half the day then goes...next day back...then goes again...never had this before...is this how the hiv rash works? could anyone educate me and others on what the hiv rash looks like please,
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What im about to say i say with total respect and is an opinion i feel will be shared. You are dealing with vunerable scared people who need affirmation that they have not been infected. They are sometimes considered irrational as they ask the same questions in a different form over and over but i can understand this when some answers just come back as NO RISK..People want to understand why its no risk and also others who may have had a simular experience will learn from an answer but will learn nothing from NO RISK if there symptoms persist.
Personally i had an experience between a break up with my now girlfriend where i believe a male got seaman on a cloth and deliberately wiped it into the head of my penis..I,m told this is NO RISK as it was out of the body but i have had white spots in mouth,constant headache,extreme tiredness,stiff neck,painful kidneys and back,and lately a light rash on top of chest and arms.. When i got back with the lady i never mentioned this situation as was embarrassed. Doctors have said its stress bringing on symptoms...WELL one by one my girlfriend has had all these symptoms without sharing with her my symptoms and yesterday i was scared to see she came round mine to say she had a rash this morning across her chest and on her arms which like mine was there one day then fade.
My question 2 weeks ago was what does the HIV rash look like? does it itch? is it light like a heat rash? is it raised? how long does it last? does it appear and disappear or is constant?
Although its reassuring to hear no risk it would educate me and others to know what the hiv rash looks like..
I have had test for everyother std bar hiv and been negative so you can understand my concern with passing it on.. I just am not educated enough to know what other std can have these symptoms ..please please enlighten all about the rash..Thankyou kindly
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What you are wanting is someone to feed your frenzy. You never had an exposure and you need to get over it.
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Hiv rash is known to onlyu come for 2 to a few days and with other symptoms. It doesn't itch. No point looking for pictures of hiv rash as you will just see photos of every other rash and think you have hiv rash.

I too had a rash in the correct window period, also as you explained a kind of heat rash coming and going. Can be a number of things like allergic reaction to medication, bacteria infection of even stress/anxiety worries.
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