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hiv results a year after sexual encounters. still worried,need advice!

I tested for hiv over a year from my sexual encounters i was worried about. My results were negative but i have some concerns. I had flu like symptoms over a month after my last encounter. Then later on after almost 5-6 months i got some skin colored bumps over my pubic hair which my doctor said it was molluscum
he treated me for that. Its been over a year and a half now but i have really dry skin and irritations. I even get painful pimples on my head. I been feeling really tired and during the day since i wake up
i have a constant need to clear up my throat from thick mucus and my tongue looks a bit whiteish on the top wih some irritated taste buds. I also cough from time to time but its dry. My skin gets dry and bumpy at some spots. I have gotten 2-3 pimples with pus on my pubes during this time similar to those on my head. Im anxious and scared. Do i need to test again or this is isnt related to hiv. Please advise. Was a year of wait enough to get the most accurate results. Thank you
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I can answer your question, based on the title alone.  A conclusive HIV result can be obtained 3 MONTHS after an exposure.  Therefore, a year will certainly be conclusive.

Whatever else you think you have going on...is NOT related to HIV, as you don't have it.
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What might be causing my fatigue, muscle soreness, low energy, chronic post nasal drip and skin irritations. I have had a cbc done and everything was normal
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See your doctor if you are concerned. It has nothing to do with HIV.
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