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hiv risk 5-10 second anal no protection?

met an old friend we hooked up while she was on top of me she put my penis into her anus (no protection) and sat on it I immediately removed it told her condom  and i put one on and we continued  after  she tells me she escorts occasionally   anyways what's my risk of HIV  no blood visible  no cuts on penis, was max 10 seconds inside her anus unprotected  then put condom on and had vaginal and anal sex with her
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Just got my results  HIV Negative for my baseline they DID give HIV results by phone   still on PEP doc will see me in two weeks for more bloodwork them 3 months and 6 months  Doc said based on my info he sees HIV risk as minimal but to stay the course with PEP
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You don't need 3 and 6 month tests. 4 weeks after you finish pep take a duo for a conclusive result - then you are finished. No need to drag this out for 6 months. Too bad she is being secretive about such a simple matter that could help you a lot - then again she isn't very smart to do what she did so maybe you won't be able to get anything out of her.
It really doesn't matter to you what she says because you really can't trust anyone in this type of situation where you've already had unprotected sex.  The time to know that is before you do that.  And if she is an escort, she is willing to engage in very high risk activity as escorts often have to do what they don't want to do to earn their money in that profession.  Just do what you need to do and this is a person not have sex with anymore and next time use protection and don't waste any more time on it, what happened happened.  Peace.
If she has a test showing negative recently it means the odds are zero if she hasn't had any unprotected after that test's window. That would ease fate11's worries while he waits to test, and if he can get her to test on Sept 24 or whenever 4 weeks past his encounter was, then he will have nothing to worry about. Despite his old friend being secretive, it is important to keep trying to get her to open up.
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Any penetration is a risk, especially with someone who does escorting but doesn't use protection. A duo test is conclusive after 28 days and any other after 12 weeks. Try not to worry about this encounter until you can test.
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I should have said only unprotected anal (or vaginal) is a sex risk.
should I go see if i can get pep treatment today?
When did this happen? PEP must be started within 72 hours of the event in order to be effective.

The decision about whether to take PEP or not is a personal one, and not a decision that anyone else can help you make.  Even if she was HIV+, your chances of getting HIV from a one-time event is between 0.11 and 0.62%, and your event was very brief, making transmission even less likely.  Additionally, the odds of her being HIV+ are very low, just considering statistical likelihoods.   It is up to you whether you feel the risk merits taking PEP or not.
CurfewX  it happened yesterday afternoon  I have tried contacting her  with a few questions, her  HIV  status, when she was last tested and if she's on prep I have yet to receive a response  yet . I just figure the 72 hour window is closing and if pep  was  the route to go  im not even sure my drug plan covers it or not
Yes, your window is closing. I'm surprised someone who 'escorts occasionally' wouldn't protect themselves with condoms as escorts are usually pretty good about it.  But she IS a known friend.  Which if she had HIV, you'd probably be aware.  A one time anal sex exposure is less than 2 percent transmission.  So odds are very low but you did have a risk. It is your judgment call if you want to go on PEP or not.  
went today  got blood taken  and PEP  hospital gives you 7 days IF  you promise to go and get the remaining 3 weeks, doc said its $800-1400.00.I'm not sure as my drug plan covered it.  I should get a  call about blood work in a few days if all ok then I need to go back at 3 months
A duo test is conclusive after 4 weeks and any other test after 12, so if you don't want to wait 12 weeks then ask them to make sure they give you a duo - otherwise the test will be a waste of time. If you take PEP then those windows start the day you finish it.
I'm still waiting for my baseline results  my regular blood work looks good (they post that online) I called the hospital yesterday  and they said the doctor will call me tomorrow  (he  was not in until Thursday) I don't have to come in phone call only.  is it normal for the hospital to tell you results over the phone?? is this a good or bad sign?  I'm pretty stressed  I have never had an hiv test  Im still taking my PEP  I'm tired but feeling fine otherwise
Your regular blood work is irrelevant. You should not try to figure out when medical personnel have time to work on your case or why they will call you, since you and I have no idea what their schedule is like.
Forget about the test until you get the results, because all this worrying and theorizing is of no use to you. No one can guess their test result so if possible try to occupy your mind with other ideas. The only useful thing you can do is get her to test or tell you when she tested last and determine the window period so you can ask her if you were the only unprotected since then.
The method of communication chosen by your doctor has no relationship to whether news is good or bad.  As AnxiousNoMore  stated, your regular blood tests will not tell you anything about your HIV status.  Only and HIV test can determine whether you have HIV or not.
I just assumed that for an HIV test you had to go in person to hear results good or bad,  to me over the phone is cold and impersonal.  as far as getting info from her  no luck  she claims recently tested wont say when wont show results just says she's clean  takes me hours to get any sort of response from her  I will keep trying
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