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hiv risk and dry cough

I had a sexual activity this summer , I am a boy and I met another 20y.o boy.
We french kissed alot and he give me oral for a few moments.
After that he used his saliva to masturbate me , later he masturbated himself too.

After 4 days I had a sire throat and at day 6 or 7 post exposure I had a dry cough for few days, runny nose , feeling tired and headache,
I went to the doctor and she said the end of your tongue is red ,probably something viral  but not flu or laringitis

I had no fever , no rash , no lymph nodes , no mouth ulcers , no candida ,no weight or apettite loss.

My questions are like below.
1-Am I at risk from this sexual activity?
2-Do I need to get tested?
3-Are symptoms descibed related to ARS Hiv?
4-Which is the timeline of Symptoms to show up during ARS HIV?

I appreciate your help
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Answers to your questions:
1) No
2) No
3) No
4) Irrelevant since you had no risk.

In an adult, the only risks for HIV infection are unprotected anal or vaginal sex or sharing IV drug needles with infected users. Nothing you've described is a risk for HIV.
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Thank you
I was very calm , but I read that dry cough is a strong reason to belive that you might contacted HIV,
Will this change your oppinion if he had few blood mixed with his saliva? will this put me at risk?
Chima mentioned the ONLY two risks for HIV.  You did not do either of those, so you were never at risk for HIV.  Your cough has nothing to do with HIV - you can only get HIV if you had a risk.
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I was checking on the forum and I found this answer from Dr Hunter

1) Oral sex rarely if ever transmits HIV, and fingering, hand-genital contact, and the other contacts you mention never do. 

How do u comment it , ge does not says that oral sex has 0 risk ?
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Please re-read the comment you quoted - "IF EVER."  If you wish to concern yourself over a risk that has similar odds to being killed by a vending machine, that is your choice, but no one in here is going to give credibility to such an irrational fear.

NO ONE has ever been infected from receiving oral sex.  You will not be the first.
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