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hiv risk with 4 hours old cuts on penis that was exposed to vaginally fluid

Good day.

I had protected vaginally sex with an stripper. The condom did not cover th lower part of my penis / shaft that was cut earlier approx 4 hours earlier than the act. What is my hiv risk assuming she is positive?
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HIV does not enter the bloodstream via minor cuts and scrapes that do not require immediate medical attention.  If the head of your penis was covered during intercourse, you were fully protected from HIV.
For its to be a risk must the cut be deep and actively bleeding?
If the wound were sufficiently deep to allow entry of HIV, you certainly wouldn't be having intercourse.  You would be at the hospital getting it stitched up.
Thank you very much for your response. The doctor prescribed me atripla as pep and I've been taking it ever since, started within the 15 hours of exposure. When should I test for hiv using the 4th generation test 3 months after completing pep or 3 months after the sexual encounter ?
You were never at risk for HIV, so I have no advice for you regarding testing times for a disease you were never exposed to.  
You should stop taking PEP and find a real doctor in future, who doesn't prescribe unnecessary medications.
You aren't the first person to get a penis cut and as explained above this is not a way to contract hiv. Your doctor must think you are the only person in the world who got a cut so he thinks maybe that is a way to be infected.
Thank you I have been extremely worried.
It is not hard to understand why you were worried, but the solution is to find a competent doctor in future instead of the one you have seen.
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