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hiv risk?

Several months ago, I had protected vaginal sex for about 1-2mins with a lady for the first time in my life. and I had used the condom correctly and consistently. I tested for hiv which is negative. But I began to worry about htlv and xmrv. I searched the web, and find that
DR HHH said" My assessment of your risk includes all the factors you mention -- but mostly the simple fact that HIV is rarely if ever acquired during vaginal sex with a condom (if the condom doesn't break)' Does it mean that someone got infected with condom not broken?
and I find DR Edward  said that "the hiv risk is less than 1/1000,000 if you used the condom without broken"
Does it mean that the condom is not 100% effective even they are not broken.
I had seen a dentist several years ago.  I knew that about 20-30mins there is no one used the tools for teeth, but I do not know whether the tools had been sterilized.  I am afraid.
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a latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene condom WILL prevent the transmission of hiv.  

a dentist office is not going to REUSE instruments on you.  even if...hiv is not transmitted through inanimate objects.  once exposed to air, it becomes inactive and unable to infect.
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"once exposed to air, it becomes inactive and unable to infect. ."
If so, why sharing needels can be infected?
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In fact the virus can live for a few minutes outside.

I just want to know why DR HHH or Edawrd say so. If the condom has pinholes(search the internet, you do can see that some condoms has pinholes), whether it can reach the amout to infect us?  The exposure is 0.01ml for pinholes.
Of course, I know that the lady did not reach her climax and she was very nervous.And I find the condom very dry when I took it off. So I think there is no cervical fluid(some volunteers on the web said that the amount of virus in viginal fluid is asmuch as in tears, virus mainly lives in cervical fluid
), so I can not be infected by other kind of virus. If the lady does not reach her climax, she will not secrete cervical fluid. so even if the condom has pinholes, I can not be infected by other virus which can not be detected in my country.
Am I right? If so, I am reassured.

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HIV is not alive it's active or inactive once exposed to air, temperature change or ph change it becomes inactive. Move along.
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First question:
1. why sharing needles while use iv drugs can be infected?
2. As to Highly Exposed Seronegative(HESN), are they infected? several months ago, I read from wikipedia that HESN are transient infection, are they infected.

I have no symptoms for about 10 months since my only and first sex with a prostitute. I think I have no stds or hiv or other virus. Just because i read too much bad information on the internet, I think I got phobia. Maybe condom is not 100% effective even they are no broken, antibody is not 100% too after 3 months. Everything is judged from probabilty. So when I leraned incidence happens(such as airplane accident, etc), I am very anxious.
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As to my question, I know the answer now. HESN are not infected. I just can not exclude myself from viruses definitely, just by probability. I do not know whether I can exclude myself from protitute's not coming to climax. why the probabilty for getting hiv is so little(1/2000), I think not coming to climax  is the reason.
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Can anyone answer me? Why advices from DR HHH and you are different as to the condom.
If the condom has a hole for manufacture defects, can it infect us? Dr HHH saids there is no need to check the condom with water for leakage, but he admit "but mostly the simple fact that HIV is rarely if ever acquired during vaginal sex with a condom (if the condom doesn't break)'".I really do not understand. I need a basis to rely on to let me out from the virus phobia longer than half a year. Although I used a condom, but I do not know whether it has a hole. There are about 100 htlv infections and more less xmrv infections in China. I know it is impossible for me to be infected, but I hate probabilities. I am afraid of small probability event.
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