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hiv risk

Sorry my English is not good..i'm mother n wife who very scared infected with hiv..recently i have genital herpes outbreaks..i'm really shock because doctor told me this disease cause by seksual contant..so i asked my husband is he had sexsual contact with csw in our town..first he dont tell the truth,but i asked him again n again..n he admit that 7 weeks ago he go to massage..there was handjob,oral seks n rubbing genital without condom..he said no vaginal intercouse.dont know he tell the truth or not..now i'm really scared if he infected with hiv,i will get it too n pass it to my 2 years littlegirl via breastfeeding cause i read hsv2 increased hiv risk..and my husband get the massage when his body get tired(unhealthy)..i'm scared this can increase hiv risk too..my husband get hiv tes in 5 weeks n 7 weeks with rapid in our local clinic n hospital n the result is negatif..but what make me really scared,when i get tes too,the clinic tell me that my result must get confirmed with western blot..then i asked the lab analyse is that meant my result is positif..so i must stop breastfeeding..but she says my result must confirmed with western blot because they must check is the rapid test really accurate or no because they used the new ones n i the first who get test with that new rapid tes..she says i can continue breastfeeding..but she cant tell me if my result positif or negatif until i get my western blot result..it's really makes me confused..today i will get tes in another hospital..i hope the result is negatif too..please everybody in this forum try to analyse my case..i'm really scared because my little children have risk too..
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If your husband did not engage in unprotected anal or vaginal sex with anyone else but you, then you are probably experiencing a false positive because he could not be positive.

n adults, HIV is transmitted by:

Unprotected Anal/Vaginal Sex
Sharing IV drug equipment
Direct blood contact as in infected blood transfusions.

Uses condoms for vaginal and anal sex, and you will avoid HIV infection.
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Thanks for your comment..the problems is i feel very dissapointed with my husband n hard to believe what he said..no one know the exactly what happend between my husband n the scw..because my herpes outbreaks,i never have seks with him again..n its around 6 weeks ago.i can remember when the last time we had unprotected vaginal..n now i just receive my result from the another hospital using rapid test n the result is non reactive..my question is i know i still in window period,but can i expect my western blood get negative result too based on my six weeks negatif rapid tes n my husband's seven weeks negatif rapid tes..i dont know what kind of rapid tes that the hospital n clinic used..but they took blood from the vein..i hope the rapid tes is accurate like the rapid tes which used in another country because i live in small town in asia..last question is western blood have window period?if i n my husband so unlucky n get hcv too from the exsposure,can it affected my antibody tes n western blot result    
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The western blot does not have a window period. It's very sensitive and expensive to run as to why it's used as a confirmatory and not for regular testing. If the result is reactive on an ELISA, for example, the western blot confirms that result. If its negative, its negative. There's not window period for a Western Blot.
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This looks surely false positive. Please try to relax until western blot result is out. I am not a doctor, but would suggest you don't breastfeed your baby until you are cleared. This is just to be safe.

I will pray for you and family. God is very kind and surely will give you the strength to get through this.

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Thanks for the answer..i really scared now..cant do anything until i get my western blot result..hope everything is fine..the girl who work in the clinic says my result is good,they just want to confirm is the good result that they take is conslusive..that the reason why she tell me it's oke to continue breastfeeding..it give me some peace of mind,because she says they usually confirmed the result although the result is negatif,just to check if the new one rapid tes kit is really accurate..i thinks she's not lie because yesterday i get my rapid tes result in another place n the result is non reactif too..just can pray God will always save my family..
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If your result is negative, then the western blot shouldn't be run. The Western Blot is only run to confirm a positive antibody result.
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Yes i know it..i asked her again and again is my result positif so it must confirm with western blot..but she insist that the result must confirmed because i'm the first person who take hiv test with the new rapid tes kit in the clinic.. So it's not about positif result,just because they want to cross check the rapid tes result with western blot..she said they have done this before.they sent negatif result to confirm with western blot..First i'm not believe in her too,but when i asked her if i can continue breastfedding,she says it's oke..now i really2 confused..
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Sory..i think i have misscomunication with girl in clinic..later,i just call the clinic,n the girl said maybe my result will be sent to my doctor in 3 or 4 days..so i think they don't run my result with western blot..am i right?because as far i know western blot need around 1 week to get the result..maybe they just take the another antibody tes to make sure is the result conclusive..i hope so..
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Please speak to the doctor instead of other staff.
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Sorry my result is not run with western blot,but just with elisa..i hope the result is negatif because i have another rapid tes in local hospital n the result is non reactive..now i just want to ask,how is the risk genital rubbing genital,if the tips of penis has direct contact with vaginal fluid..my husband get hsv2 from this exsposure,how about hiv?some expert says it was an eksposure..because virus hiv from vaginal fluid can enter the uretra n foreskin when the head of penis contact with vagina fluid although there's no penetration..
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N is hsv2 increase risk of transmision hiv in this case?with my husband's 7 weeks negatif rapid tes n my 6 weeks negatif rapid tes,can i expect our 3 month tes will be negatif too..i think one of us will have detected antibody within 4-6 weeks..now i just can pray that my elisa result will non reactive too..
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To get yourself full assurance that things as of now are looking very good, you can google as below and see for yourself that there is no to worry.

"Hiv duo test 6 weeks doctor hook hunter medhelp"

You will see that they are very confident that a 6 week negative has NEVER in their experience turned positive at 3 months.

So you guys are looking very good. God has answered your prayers. I too am feeling happy for you.

I will post some direct links from doctor hook and hunter tomorrow for you about 6 week hiv duo test.
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Can you kindly confirm which test was done at 6 and 7 weeks? Sorry, I assumed it is hiv duo. However, my above comments also apply for antibody only test. It is good indicator that you will test negative at 3 months (conclusive test)
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Here are some links where doctor hook and hunter tell you how reliable the antibody on test is at 6 weeks. You will find many others like this where both are assuring this confidentally.



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Thanks very much for your kindness..i'm come from asia,n in our local hospital n clinic only used rapid antibody tes..not duo or ag\ab combo..maybe today i will get my elisa result..hope everything is fine
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Sorry i dont know they use duo antibody tes or not..as far i know it is rapid tes kit for antibody hiv which is take blood from the vein..my husband n i take the hiv test in 2 diferent local hospital..hope the tes is realiable too..
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Ok. It I understand. It is an rapid antibody test. If I remember correctly, these are also good indicators of negative results at 6 weeks. Give me sometime, I will check what doctor hook and hunter have said about rapid test at 6 weeks.
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Here you go. Rapid test is good at 6 weeks as per doctor hunter. So there is no need to worry. Your elisa test will surely be negative. You can relax now.


I too am from asian country, wonder which place are you from where there is no duo test available?
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I come from Indonesia..but i live in small town which is part of the province.so there's in only rapid tes antibody.no elisa here..honestly because i'm panic,i don't ask what kind of rapid tes that they used..i just want to know the result..my husband n i get hiv tes in 3 diferent hospital..finally i get my elisa result n it still non reactive..thanks God..there is 3 metode skrinning n all of them is non reactive..don't know this 4th or 3rd generation..but tes is doing in one of big hospital in jakarta..n it was around 5 week after last sexual contact with my husband..i hope my elisa is good indicator for my 3 month result..I'm feel really tired now n lost my mind because can't stop thinking about infected hiv n pass it to my little girl..
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Yes it is good indicator. You can relax now.
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