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hiv risk


I am a gay male . Have never had anal sex , nor have i had oral sex in last 2 years . My only exposure included someone giving me a blowjob and gettinf fingered . Apart from that kissing 3 people or unknown status .

also i was at a party once and i felt something poking at the centr of my back . Not sure what it was or was it just an acne . I’m worried someone may have injected me with an infected needle or blood . Would it be possible to get infected in this way ?

I am worried coz i need to do some pre employemnt medical check up and i’m worried about what tests might be done . Am i at risk for hiv ? Please advise . Thanks a lot
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i’m talking about someone injecting me with infected blood in my back . would that be a risk
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That is completely irrational thinking.  Absolutely no one is walking around with HIV+ blood-filled syringes.  Even so, it wouldn't be a risk.  The blood would need to be injected directly into your bloodstream, not just into your skin.  This would require you to be sitting still and cooperating with the injection.

But again, the idea that people are walking around with syringes, trying to infect YOU for some unknown reason, is completely irrational.
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The risks for HIV only include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. Therefore, having oral sex and kissing are NOT risks. No one gets HIV that way. And as you add what your fears are, it is clear anxiety impacts you. Being infected with a needle on your acne back is an irrational fear. That's really not something that happens. And you can't give someone hiv through touching or poking with a needle. Needle sticks involve air on the end of the needle. The needles involved in HIV are syringes that are being used to INJECT things. So, no risk
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Thanks a lot for your revert . My concern is that someone injected me with infected blood in my back . I say this because i knew someone who was hiv positive . Would an infection be caused that way ? plz advise . thanks
also, to be clear and make sure there are no questions, fingering is also not a risk.
Your concern is irrational. I already answered that you can not get hiv by touching blood onto your back or onto acne.
hi, thanks again for your revert . yes you mentioned touching blood is not a risk , but what if someone injects infected blood or uses an infected needle to poke me in the back . That’s my only concern . thanks for all your help
already answered that. Not going to keep answering the same question over and over.
you mentioned that a syringe can infect someone . that’s what my concern is . someone has injected me with infected blood using a needle and syringe . Hence the question . Request your advise please
I said SHARING NEEDLES TO INJECT DRUGS. We can't help you with irrational anxiety that someone is trying to infect you with hiv blood. It doesn't work that way and we won't keep answering the same question. NOTHING you mentioned is a risk.

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