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hiv scare

on the 2nd of January, i had sex with a girl , whose status i don t know, gave her a ********, sh gave me too, penetrated her without a condom, but it was only for a few minutes, 3 minutes, in the morning i asked her , she said she is negative, we went to get tested, i was negative, she was also negative, she even showed a pic of her test and folder, 3 days later i woke with a swollen tender lymph node,  and then anxiety , stress, kicked in, read symptoms on the internet, and lymph nodes were 1 of them, loose stomach came in, more swollen lymph nodes, dry mouth at times, raised red skin pimples, 3 of them, feeling tired, loss of appetite, its been 2 weeks since the possible exposure, got tested again yesterday, was negative..... I am stressed out, please help
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I had similar experience as you. About 6 weeks ago, had unprotected sex with a girl I had been seeing for 3 months. The girl tested neg at 4 weeks using 4th Gen DUO. I tested neg at 3 wks using 4th Gen Duo too and neg at 4 weeks using Antibody blood test. Still have scary symptoms like reoccurring low grade fevers, fatigue for 4 weeks, swollen lymph nodes. My WBC was 2.51 on Jan 13 and today my WBC was 3.8. I feel I am HIV positive and can only be able to move on after 3 months. Still doubt my girl's neg 4th Gen Duo test at 4 weeks.. and cant;t function at all...
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Take a DUO test at 28 days ((no later)) post exposure as an indication. Follow up with an antibody test 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result.
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Now i have a rash that dissappeears and reappear...they say being stresed about hiv can can cause the symptoms...i cant say its somerhing else beacause theae symptoms appeared after the possible exposure
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Thanks Towu for your feedback. I already had DUO but that was 23 days after exposure which was negative. Today makes it about 7 weeks, should I go for another DUO or just wait for 3 months.. Thanks in advance
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