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hiv swollen lymph nodes characteristics

i have a few questions about the swelling of lymph nodes caused by hiv.

are they generalized in one area?

do they hurt?

i have some swollen lymph nodes in my neck but they do not hurt.i have no sore throat,cough or any thing.

my main question is do they hurt if it is in fact hiv, or do they just swell?

is it some what normal if some one does in fact have acute hiv to only have swollen lymph nodes as a symptom?or would they be accompanied with a sore throat/pain?
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Have you had a risk for HIV? Looking at symptoms is not a good way of identifying a HIV infection
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i had protected sex about a month ago.now i have swollen lymph nodes in my neck.they just got large in the past week but i dont know if i caused the inflammation by poking at them or not.

are the swelling of lypmh nodes usually accompanied by the other symptoms such as rash/fever/sweats etc?
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If you had protected sex, then your nodes are unrelated to HIV, no risk here
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