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hiv symptoms or just a flu?

hi! first of all thank you all so much for helping!
about 9 days ago i had unprotected sex with someone that i dont know... it was a big mistake and i keep shaming myself for it.
its been 9 days since it happened but on the 7th day i started to feel flu like symptoms but very week
ive had this super slight fever that comes and goes and a congested nose, and on the 8th day i was feeling body tired and my eyes were feeling heavy as well but today on the 9th day i woke up feeling better but my throat is still a bit scartchy just like when you get alergies. anyways i have no rash symptoms and i think im going crazy cause im so scared i think about it 24/7 sometimes it itches here and there and it gets red after i scratched but i dont have any swollen limps or anything like that, is it possible that i caught hiv? please im looking foward to hear your opinions !
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Was it oral, anal or vaginal? People cough on your lips and door knobs so flu is to be expected at any time so you will not be able to analyze your nose, fever, throat or lymph and diagnose - hiv doctors cant do that so you can't either. Best to stop examining your body because that can only you anxious.
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it was vaginal sex, but is it possible that i get the flu-like symptoms without any rashes?
Reread about doctors and stop because only a test can provide answers.
You can take a duo after 28 days for a conclusive result.Can you get any test results from the other person?
no, since i really dont know the person. but most likely do you think the flu-like symptoms and rash come all at once or is there a chance that the flu comes first and the rash after?
Reread about doctors and stop because only a test can provide answers. You must be very anxious because you haven't understood that hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms.
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