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hiv symptoms

dear members  my body temperature is not constant. it change from 36.2 until in 37.2 many times during the day. it goes down again from 37.2 in a short time without medicaments. I have  headache that sometimes  commes and sometimes goes away, are the ARS??? , I dont have other symptoms like rash or sore throat or lymphadenopathy or thrush or diarrhea. I did not loss my appetite and I gainned 1 kg from 63 now I am 64kg.
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are you just sitting around taking your temperature all day and night?

you have been assessed and advised on testing.  i'm sure you have been told also that symptoms dont diagnose hiv.

test at 3 months post exposure.
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yes I take my temperature  so offen couz  I will be crazy , but these fever  might be related to HIV ?
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a fever assciated with ars would be consistent around 38.3 or higher.
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thank you u very much for your time I have bothered you so much but i hope u will understend me . I trye to calm myself when I ask  in this forum
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find something to do OTHER THAN searching hiv on the internet.

odds are you are fine...but this anxiety that you are creating will kill ya.
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would you belive me if I tell to you that I stay more than 15 h serching about HIV. I know this will kill me and my mind,  couz I feel sorry for my mom couz she will suffer so much if I die
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nooo. oh my God I am so sorry to hear that , you are a hero person for having a big problem with you SON and having time to hear  our stupid  things and to trye to calm down us. May God bless you and your SON . Sincerely
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